Why Upgrade to a Balcony Cabin?

We say why not! A little bit of extra luxury while onboard is always a good thing. There are literally dozens of luxuries and activities available while you’re on a cruise ship. You can get a massage, go on a shore excursion, head to the pool for a few laps or a splash about, go to the gym, get a drink at the bar, watch a movie, play bingo or hit the casino… the possibilities are endless!

So, let’s talk about your cabin, and some of the reasons why you should book a little bit of luxury with a balcony cabin for your next cruise!

We have a few ideas…

You’ll Love the Extra Space in a Balcony Cabin

Who doesn’t love extra space to move around? For travelers who prefer that open, airy feeling onboard a floating resort, a balcony cabin is a must. Not only will you have extra personal space, you will also enjoy the benefits, some of them being…

Relax and get yourself a Suntan… on Your Own Balcony

One of the busiest areas of the ship is the pool deck, everybody is there! And most will flock to the few deckchairs available, using their towels or sunglasses to “reserve” their spot for the day – reserved from early morning to late in the day, when they pop up to have a 3 minute swim and watch the sunset… grumble grumble grumbleThey didn’t even use the deckchair… grumble grumble grumble.

With your own exclusive balcony, not only is no one else watching you, you have your own personal space where you can get a suntan, read a book, or watch the sunset – it’s your time, spend it the way you want to! Sounds good, right?

Dine Al Fresco

Dining al fresco at your own private balcony? BIG tick! If you want to have breakfast in your pyjamas on your personal balcony, simply order room service and dine al fresco! No need to go down to the buffet or main dining room (can you even wear your pyjamas there?!?) Enjoy the excellent views of the sun, sea or island destinations, sailing by while you indulge in a mimosa and tasty continental breakfast – now that’s what a holiday should be!

The Fresh Air

Do you suffer from a touch of the mal-de-mer? If so then fresh air is your best friend, so a balcony cabin is a must have. Your own quiet, private space to relax and recoup, until your sea-legs work. Breathe deeply, meditate to steady yourself and begin to enjoy the luxuries of your cruise!

You’ll Love the Views

If you’re on an Alaska cruise, you’ll see fjords or glaciers. If it’s an island cruise, get ready for palm tree-lined tropical lagoons. Or the Mediterranean will see island jewels and age-old cities dotting the shores. Your own personal, incredible view, away from the crowds, is seen from your own private balcony. Imagine what you could see – Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach, charming villages and vineyards along a river, the lights of Singapore and Hong Kong, the big blue as you cruise across the Pacific Ocean…

Scenic destinations all. Remarkable, wonderful views – and having your own balcony would be the icing on the cake.

Next time you choose to cruise, we recommend an upgrade to a balcony cabin. You’ll thank yourself for the extra space, privacy and fresh sea air. 

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