Top 20 Reasons to Cruise

Cruising is one of the greatest holiday experiences one can have… and there are hundreds of reasons why you would choose to cruise. We have selected our Top 20 Reasons to Cruise – are they yours too?

1. Visit multiple destinations

The beauty of a cruise is that you’ll visit several destinations, all in one holiday! For most cruises you could be docking in iconic cities, touching in at large or small ports of call, tropic islands and more. Imagine sailing among the South Pacific islands today and through the Hawaiian Islands a few days later… or perhaps join a river cruise with new vineyards and charming towns around every riverbend, or setting out for adventure on a 100-day World circumnavigation!

2. Lots of cruises to choose from

There are taste tester cruises (or cruises to nowhere) for a beginners and quick getaways, weeklong voyages to island paradises, river cruises in Europe, expeditions to exciting adventure locations, and even themed cruises! Do you love 70’s rock and romance music? There’s a cruise EXACTLY like that! All you need do is pick one, or call us and we will showcase them all!

3. Make friends along the way!

Cruising gives you an opportunity to meet other people from different walks of life, and as you spend time on a cruise, you’ll find people whom you regularly cross paths with – whether it’s in the bar, the pool, the spa, the theatre, or the gym. These are your kind of people. Talk to them. Start with “Isn’t this a great cruise, have you seen the…”

4. You’ll experience all-inclusive holiday

With cruising, you’ll get what you pay for… and more! Cruises are regularly seen as value-for-money, all-inclusive affairs. Which means that all the essentials you need for a brilliant holiday are already included in your one cruise fare – like accommodation, onboard transport, destinations, entertainment and the food! OMG the food! Cruising can be a gastronomic adventure, diving into different worlds and cultures of flavour. Thai, Chinese, Indian, seafood, roasts, American barbecue, Japanese, Italian… it’s all there!

5. Intergenerational Holiday

Everyone is welcome, solo, couples, groups of friends, honeymooners, baby boomers, grandparent, kids, mums, dads, families – every one!

6. How could you be bored onboard?

How could you get bored with a wealth of activities onboard? There’s world-class entertainment, stage plays, ice-spectaculars, circus & parades, dance the night away, hit the casino, kid’s clubs, onboard characters, movies under the stars, WiFi and video on demand, spas, massage, beauty and fitness centers, games, sports, rock-climbing, ice-skating, dodgem cars, rollerblading, pools, waterslides… and that’s just onboard the ship!

7. Unpack Once

Need we say anything about unpacking once? You get onboard, unpack, and you are good to go. No need to repack to move on to the next hotel or lug you bag downstairs to be packed under a bus for the day… You are on a cruise. All of your transportation is taken care of. Settle in to your cabin and get real comfortable in your home away from home.

8. Health Benefits – The sound of the Waves and the fresh Sea Air

Research shows that the sound of the waves and the sea itself acts like a “reset button”, instantly rejuvenating you and your body, making you feel refreshed and recharged. The patterns of the waves will lull your mind into a tranquil, relaxing state. You can reset with nature and get back on a more natural wavelength – the way it’s supposed to operate.

The sea air is likewise packed with healthy negative ions, allowing the body to increase its oxygen absorption. Ever notice how you always sleep more soundly after a day in the beach? It’s even believed that the air has healing properties that fight allergies and respiratory problems. Go on, breathe deeply!

And we have a few more reasons that you, our Vacation Rewards members, have mentioned to us…

9. The PERFECT holiday for a mother. No housework, No cooking, no nothing, just relaxation – Wonderful!

10. Cruising is a break from everybody

11. Someone else is driving, cooking, making beds and cleaning the bathroom… while you just sail along and enjoy the view and wait for that next port 😍

12. Because cruising is awesome! Everything is paid for before you go, especially if you get a drink package. And you are waited on hand and foot, and get to see awesome places while only unpacking once. 😁😁😎😎🍹🍺

13. Cruising is a complete holiday – complete relaxation – no cooking – no housework – no driving – just chilling while visiting some beautiful places – absolute bliss!

14. If you never, never go!!… you’ll never, never know!!

15. OK, there are a few reasons, like…

  • Relaxing with a cocktail in hand
  • Beautiful water views
  • Kids are in kids club, they have a ball
  • No housework
  • Beds get made and turned down at night
  • Make new friends
  • Bingo – daily big prize money
  • Unpack once
  • See lots of different places in the one holiday
  • Choose where you want to eat
  • Late night snacks
  • Room service
  • Short and long cruises
  • A quick weekend break to refresh
  • Lots of fun with entertainment

16. Sea days, no phone – no phone, means no interruptions!

17. Wake up to a new destination every day. 🛳⛵🌏⛰🚢🏯

18. Entertainment, drinking and dancing and the rest… We love the feeling of being on a cruise!

19. Best holiday ever – it’s as simple as that, right!?

20. Does anyone really need a reason to cruise?!?! 😍👍     And, we couldn’t agree more!

If you’ve made it this far down the list, you’re probably ready to get onboard with the idea of cruising and are ready for a luxurious floating holiday at sea! Ask your Vacation Rewards® Travel specialist to help select the right cruise for you.

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