Your Ideal Travel Day (and how to Achieve it!)

Whether you’re travelling by land, air, or sea, these tips will make sure that you’ll get the most out of your travel days.

“Sleep, wake up, eat, sleep again.”

For most holiday seekers, this routine of sleeping in during the holiday might be enough, as the thought of just having time away from the hustle and bustle of work is already a treat in itself.

However, you won’t know what you’re missing if you’re just lazily lounging around bed. While that MAY sound like a great idea, picture these scenarios: Island hopping in Hawaii or the beautiful South Pacific; skiing the slopes of New Zealand or Japan; shop ‘til you drop with world-class shopping in Dubai, Paris, Singapore or immerse yourself fully in nature in the Canadian Rockies or the great river forests of the Amazon.

In this blog, we have some great tips to make the most of every day of your holiday, to create an ideal travel day. So get yourself out of that comfy bed and let’s go adventuring!

Go for a Flexible Routine

If you’re travelling as a family, stick to a routine, even while on a holiday.

According to Dani Kaufman, an Australia based child psychologist, kids love following routines, even during holidays, and that will help create a better holiday environment for the whole family.

A routine will also make your child feel safe and secure, knowing that they could easily catch up with your activities if they do plan to spend half the day just lounging around the hotel room, teen zone, or the pool. With a schedule, they know that you’re gonna be in the gym at 2:00 PM, or perhaps get ready to leave for a tour at 4:00 PM.

In the grander scheme of things, a routine will help your kids develop good organisational habits, too!

Start Early

Resist sleeping in and head out as early as you can in the morning – catch the sunrise, a market waking up, take an early morning tour – especially if your destination is a hot and humid one. Take advantage of the morning cooler temperatures for maximum energy.

Most hotels open their breakfast buffets as early as 6 AM, so you can be well fed and rested before the 8 AM tour bus comes to pick you up.

Pro tip: Pack a stash of muffins, croissants, fruit, cereal, or even some sambos so that you’re sorted out for that all-important mid-morning snack. Very handy if you’re travelling with kids!

Snack Packs

Keep in mind when packing snacks to avoid excess sugar and try to stick to a healthy and wholesome diet – especially when you’re with kids. Veggies, fruits (nature’s candy), and high-fibre protein or muesli bars can help to keep your tummy feeling fuller for longer.

Out Early, Back Early

Typically, most excursions ensure that you should be back in the hotel around mid-afternoon. If you’re not traveling in a tour group, we suggest a similar time of around 3 or 4PM, allowing you to relax for an hour or so before heading out to dinner and dance the night away. Take time to recuperate from the day’s adventure, maybe take a little nap, or your accommodation’s choice facilities – sauna, dip in the pool or jacuzzi, what about a massage? Ooo that sounds really nice – sign me up!

Changes to the Plan

While you’re preparing a routine and schedule for the day, remember that not everything is going to go according to plan. You hope it will, however try to be ready for any hiccups or changes to the plan. The key to travel is flexibility and adaptability. Look for the opportunity for adventure, to go off-plan and see or do something new.

Pro tip: Always have a game of i-Spy up your sleeve for when delays occur – you would be surprised how many people will join in. (and enjoy it too!)

More often than not, every experience is defined by the whole journey, the discoveries you make about the destination, the people you meet on the way, the culture, the history… travel has so much to offer each one of us, so when needed remember this: S&B – count to 10, SMILE & BREATHE deeply and enjoy the ride of discovery!

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