Green Travel: 5 Eco-Hotels You Won’t Want to Miss

Especially right now, we all want to do our part in helping out with the environment. Travel can really take a toll on the environment, especially when it comes to things like plane emissions and cruise ship waste. Thankfully, tons of eco-friendly hotels are popping up all over the world. These hotels target different environmental issues in their given area and are both gorgeous and educational for tourists. Here are some of our favorites!


Whitepod Hotel

These igloo-like hotel rooms offer a great new way to visit the Swiss Alps. The pods are a part of the luxury hotel and help create low-impact accommodations for their visitors. This means they use the least amount of electricity and water possible and work to use renewable resources. The pods are, in a way, a new way of glamping. But trust us, they’re just about as luxurious as it gets.


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Lapa Rios Ecolodge

This next spot is quite possibly the exact opposite of the last one. Instead of an igloo perched on a hill, this ecolodge is more like a bungalow in the jungle. The Lapa Rios Ecolodge is located on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. With poaching and deforestation being such significant issues in Costa Rica, this hotel works to protect 1,000 acres of its private reserve, so that it can function somewhat like a wildlife refuge. 


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Nothing like a nice swim after a long hike!

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Hotel Terra Jackson Hole

Not all of these hotels are in places like the Swiss Alps or the jungles of Costa Rica. Hotel Terra, for example, is a lavish hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. An eco-hotel here completely makes sense. Solar, wind and hydropower power the hotel while the building itself is also built with recycled materials. Not only that, but an advanced computer system heats and cools the facility


Hotel Hangaroa

With a slightly longer flight, Hotel Hangaroa is in Chile. There are a lot of really amazing aspects to this resort, beyond just the fact that all the lights are LED and they recycle water. Much of the hotel is made up of clay, rock and branches. In addition to all of this, those working the hotel are Rapa Nui, native to Easter Island and who have deep respect for the earth. Sounds like the perfect eco-friendly hotel if you ask us.


Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn

If you’re a coffee lover, then you need to check this one out. Offering up some great coffee and great views all at once, Finca Rosa Blanca makes it seem like it can’t get much better, but it does. To preserve wildlife, the hotel has all of its electrical systems underground. It also reuses its own coffee as fertilizer and makes its linens out of bamboo. 


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We invite you to walk right in and please, check out every nook, cranny and detail. “Art is Us”!

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Hopefully some of these beautiful hotels interest you; if not, there are tons more! Like this one in Cancun. Or this whole list! With all of the eco-friendly hotels out there, it’s so easy to make your trip just a little bit greener. Enjoy your eco-friendly vacation!