World’s Most Upmarket Shore Excursions

Picture yourself indulging in upmarket, luxury shore excursions that unveil the epitome of a destination’s splendor. Don’t resist the allure of exploring beyond the ship’s boundaries, where a new world beckons with boundless delights. Embrace the temptation to embark on unforgettable adventures and savor the endless comforts that await you on board. Let the ship be your gateway to unprecedented experiences.

Immerse yourself in a country, from the bustling towns and vibrant cities to secluded fishing villages steeped in history, private visits to museums, art galleries, iconic buildings, once in a lifetime experiences and exclusive expeditions that get you talking to locals, with a taste for authentic foods and flavors, and the creation of unforgettable memories.

We look at some of the most luxurious shore excursions on offer today, that should be a part of your itinerary.

Submarine Expedition – Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn aren’t limiting their sightseeing activities to above ocean – they’ll take you underwater too! The breathtaking sights of the ocean can be viewed through the award-winning Atlantis submarine. As you peer through the portholes of the sub, you’ll get up-close-and-personal with exotic fish, corals, undersea formations and interesting marine life that few ever get to see.

The sub’s pilot will weave tales of adventure and exploration while you enjoy the mesmerizing sights of the sea, including an old shipwreck! If you have the chance, this breathtaking journey is a MUST DO MUST SEE and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Helicopter Adventure & The Isle of Capri – Silversea Cruises

A flight-seeing tour is just what you need. With this Silversea shore excursion, you’ll have the unparalleled holiday experience of seeing the best that the Italian coastline has to offer. Explore the Amalfi Coast by air as you fly above sheer cliffs, pristine beaches, quaint fishing villages, vineyards, and villas – bellissima!

You will also get a glimpse of history and archaeological splendour as you fly over the historic sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and have a bird’s eye view of the fantastic Mt. Vesuvius, before landing in Capri and for an adventure in the azure glow of the Blue Grotto. Later you can walk in the Gardens of Augustus for one final look at Capri before heading back to the luxury of your ship.

Ferrari Road Trip – Crystal Cruises

What if we tell you that you can explore the rustic Tuscan countryside while driving a Ferrari? Now color us REALLY interested and get ready to feel the need for speed!

Italy is just brimming with personality – picturesque landscapes, ancient hilltop towns… and an ultra-luxury car. With you at the wheel of a Ferrari cruise in style to San Gimignano, visit Elsa Valley’s 13 medieval towers -an UNESCO World Heritage Site, or simply drive the curvy streets and hills of Chianti as you enjoy the beautiful landscapes filled with romantic vineyards and old churches. Ready for this amazing luxurious Italian escapade? Count us in too!

Horseback Riding in Mexico – Regent Seven Seas

The Mexican countryside is a sight to behold. Vast horizons, towering mountain ranges, rich green landscapes, and abundant wildlife. Take your sightseeing to the next level by riding on horseback! There’s nothing quite as romantic as riding together toward the sunset with the wind blowing in your hair.

On a Regent Seven Seas horse-riding excursion, you can ride along a stretch of the Mascota River, passing through old-fashioned villages to get a glimpse of local life and discover the majesty of Mascota’s river canyon. If the weather feels right, you and your horse can go swimming or maybe take time out to relax with a soak at the hot springs.

And, afterwards head back to your cruise ship for a few well-earned drinks, gourmet dinner and perjaps some dancing or a stroll together under the moonlight.

Private Tour of Alhambra by Night – Ponant

Granada is one of Spain’s notable gems, combining the intricacies of Moorish architecture with the romance of a Spanish sunset

Exclusive to Ponant, you are off on a private tour of the Alhambra at night! Before entering the imposing fortress, enjoy traditional tapas dinner in the UNESCO World Heritage recognized Albayzin quarter. Then the Alhambra. Step inside the Red Fortress to visit 13th and 14th century structures steeped in history, intrigue, tragedy and romance. Extensive surrounding summer gardens are accentuated with the beauty of cypress trees and fountains are perfect for a moonlit stroll – it’s like walking into a fairy-tale!

Discover the magnificence of the palace’s crenelated interiors, the craftsmanship of the marble columns and more – you’ll soon see why it’s considered as a Sultans “paradise on earth”.

Petra & Wadi Rum – Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises will take you on a full day, exclusive tour to the palaces of Petra and the spectacular Valley of the Moon and serene desert-scapes of Wadi Rum.

Featuring in one of “Indiana Jones’” most iconic scenes has recently made Petra a new landmark on the tourist trail.  As an important crossroads on the ancient trade-route connecting Egypt, Arabia, and Syria-Phoenicia, Petra was devastated by an earthquake in 364 AD earthquake, after which this tiny bustling metropolis fell into ruin. Luckily, the sands of the desert have preserved much of the town, so we can still witness the beauty of Petra through its natural formations, beautifully melding with relics that time has left behind.

From here, venture forth into the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum to witness ancient riverbeds, towering cliffs, and majestic stretches of sand as far as the eye can see. Listen to the sounds of the desert and marvel at the colors created by nature before heading home to sail onward to another destination.

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