Why You Need to Visit Salt Spring Island

If you haven’t heard of Salt Spring Island, now’s the time. It is a small island in British Columbia, Canada, sitting near other famous destinations like Vancouver and Victoria. The beautiful island is far less visited than some of its neighboring cities, but it’s also far too underrated. The island is a great vacation spot and is becoming a popular destination due to its gorgeous scenery and its artsy feel.

On the Water at Salt Spring Island

First, arriving on Salt Spring Island is fairly simple. To get there, you can take a ferry from various locations, and they’ll all take you to different areas along the island. Keep in mind, you’ll definitely want to bring a car with you, as it’s pretty hard to get around the island without one. The ferry ride is incredibly scenic too, with views of B.C. all around you.

Now to the really fun part: Once you’ve arrived on Salt Spring Island, you won’t be short of things to do. The island really is hiking heaven, so for everyone looking to get outdoors this summer, Salt Spring is for you. If you’re not as into hiking though, no worries, because the island is scattered with viewpoints. Some of the most popular hikes and viewpoints are Mount Maxwell Provincial Park, Mt. Erskine Hiking Trail and Baker Ridge Trail.

Since it is an island, after all, there are some beaches you’ll want to check out. Keep in mind though, this isn’t California. These beautiful beaches are also lined with tall Evergreen trees, something you don’t get to see everywhere! The beaches make great places to look for wildlife or have a picnic. If the water is tamer where you are, or you’ve decided to stop at a lake instead, it’s a great chance to try out kayaking too!

Salt Spring Island Landscape

The island is also a great spot for indulging in some of your favorite drinks and snacks. Wine tasting is extremely popular on the island, with a variety of different vineyards and tasting rooms to choose from. If you’re not much of a wine lover though, beer tasting is also very popular! Salt Spring Ales has a tasting room nestled in a cabin-like building, surrounded by towering trees, which offers some stunning scenery for you to enjoy while sipping your drinks. We mentioned the island was artsy, right? That’s not all of it though; there’s also cheese tasting. Not only is the goat cheese to-die-for, the shop also teaches you about the cheese-making process and you can even meet the goats.

Another thing that Salt Spring Island is known for its absolutely adorable downtown. With no shortage of cute coffee shops and quaint boutiques, you definitely need to explore it. There’s also a market every weekend that draws in both tourists and locals alike for its crafts and local produce.

There you go! If you’re looking for a relaxing trip for the summer, here’s a great one. Whether you’re hanging out in nature a little more or exploring downtown, Salt Spring Island definitely deserves a place on your bucket list!