How to Avoid the Crowds on Your Trip to Iceland

It’s no secret that Iceland is a new travel hot spot. While sightseeing and tourism increasing in such an amazing place is great, all of the crowds aren’t so great. Wondering how you’re going to see all of those beautiful waterfalls and hot springs without the massive amounts of people? We’ve got some tips on how to make your trip to Iceland the best it can be, and of course, crowd-free whether you spend a week or just a layover.


Rent a Car

Although a little pricier, renting a car can make a big difference somewhere like Iceland. Since all of the many sightseeing opportunities are quite spread out, most people will book large tours and travel by bus from place to place. Renting a car gives you the ability to travel on your own timeline. You can get from sight to sight quicker, and whenever you please. It seems small, but it makes a big difference!

Ice cave entrance inside Vatnajokull glacier

Take the Days Off

Allow us to explain this one a little, because it’s probably the most important tip on the list. This is pretty specific to those visiting in the summer since there’s daylight almost 24 hours a day. The idea is, with so much daylight, there’s no need to hit all of your destinations during conventional daytime hours. Load up on some caffeine and take a midnight trip out to a waterfall or the Blue Lagoon! You’ll run into far fewer crowds and still get to see all your favorite spots. If you’re venturing out during one of the winter months though, you can still take some nighttime adventures out to catch the northern lights.

Arnarstapi, Iceland
Arnarstapi courtesy of The Blonde Abroad

Visit the Hidden Wonders

While the more popular destinations like the Golden Circle are amazing, Iceland has so many hidden wonders, with far fewer crowds. That said, you don’t need to skip the popular attractions altogether, but if you ever find yourself sick of the crowds, take a day for some of the lesser known activities. Just because they aren’t some of the more visited locations, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as great!

Iceland hiking tours
Iceland courtesy of GlobeGetter

Take a Hike

The gorgeous sights that are the easiest to get to, are also the most crowded. Often times, that extra hike needed to get somewhere drives a lot of tourists away. Tours also factor into this, as many of them will make stops at more easily accessible destinations. If you go the extra mile to get where you’re going, not only will you get a great hike along the way, but that extra time will pay off when your gorgeous view is crowd-free.

Peaceful Iceland

That’s our list! We hope your trip to Iceland is beautiful and that our tips help you escape the crowds a little bit.