Exploring The Best Architecture in Mexico City

For architecture buffs, designers, or anyone who appreciates aesthetically pleasing structures, Mexico City is a must-visit travel destination. This Latin American city has a very rich history that is reflected in many of its intricately detailed buildings. Although you probably associate Mexico City with old Latin architecture, it also has an interesting range of modern buildings that highlight the city’s sophisticated and vibrant culture. Take advantage of Mexico’s warm weather and head out for a walking tour on one of your days there. Here are some of the most beautiful structures that are worth a stop – be sure to bring your camera.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City

This neoclassical stunner is one of the biggest cultural hubs in Mexico City. It hosts art exhibitions and a variety of performances in dance, music, theater, and more. Even if you aren’t going to see a performance, it is still worth a visit to check out the stunning interior, which features extravagant Art Deco detailing.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Bookshelves in Mexico City

The Biblioteca Vasconcelos is one of Mexico City’s most fascinating modern buildings. Centrally located in downtown Mexico City, this building has a modern, open interior that brings to mind scenes from Inception and at times almost seems to defy gravity.

Catedral Metropolitana

Cathedral in Mexico City

Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral is a building that would catch your eye from miles away, with its ornate bell towers and Gothic facades. It took over 200 years to construct but was finally completed in 1813. Even if you aren’t particularly religious, the stunning altars and chapels of the interior are sure to inspire awe.

Casa Barragan

Casa de Barragán

This was the former home of renowned architect Luis Barragan, and it also functioned as his studio. It retains Barragan’s extensive art collection and gives you a peek into his design sensibilities, which featured many stark lines, geometric shapes, and bright colors.

Museo Soumaya

Museo Soumaya

Even if you’re not an architecture buff, the Museo Soumaya is worth a visit purely for its extensive privately owned collection, which features works from many of the world’s greatest artists. However, the building itself is stunningly modern, with a stunning curved metal exterior covered in hexagonal tiles.

Mexico City proves that the country is more than just a tropical vacation hub. This beautiful, cosmopolitan destination rivals some of the most stunning cities in Europe and Asia. It’s also an accessible and relatively affordable destination for anyone looking for an international adventure.