3 Must Do Museums in Takamatsu, Japan

If you’ve made your way to the Land of the Rising Sun, you’re in for a treat when visiting the Japanese city of Takamatsu. Here, you’ll find museums awaiting to take you on a journey through time the way Dr. Who did in his TARDIS time-travel machine. With a little guidance, we’ll help you navigate so you don’t have to worry about getting lost among the cherry blossoms.

1. Shikoku Mura


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Whether you’re tripping the light fantastic across the ancient suspension bridge, taking selfies at the glass lighthouse, or comparing your artistic talents to those at the art gallery, there’s plenty to do at the open-air museum. With over 20 authentic structures relocated to the park, it’s like walking through the space-time continuum in Star Trek.  If you’re lucky, you may see a live performance at the kabuki theater.

2. Takamatsu Art Museum


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Takamatsu offers an all-in-one menu package for those who need to feed their hunger pangs as well as their cultural curiosity. A good catchphrase for the museum is “divide and diversify”. The reason? It houses fine collections that cover modern artwork while paying homage to its cultural roots with exhibits of postwar Japanese contemporary art. Once you’ve fed your visual appetite, the onsite Cafe de Moku will tantalize your taste buds with daily lunch specials to please the palate.

3. Kagawa Museum

The museum notes that it displays art and history but don’t expect to see pics of Godzilla plastered on the wall. Not happening. Kagawa features exhibits of modern artwork from around the world, so, be prepared to see a little of this and a little of that from other cultures. On the historical side, the museum will take you on a magic carpet ride through its bumpy history where unhealthy upheavals resulted in bloody battles. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

At the end of the day, become one with Japanese culture and do like the proverbial sponge does and soak it all up lock, stock, and barrel.