5 Cool Vacation Spots in the Midwest

The only thing some big city people picture when someone mentions the Midwest is usually fields and corn. Well, there are farms, but more importantly, there are places that are just perfect for a vacation. This region covers the following areas; Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota and Illinois. Below are a few cool places you can check out on vacation in the Midwest.

The Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Badlands at night

The Badlands National Park is known to be one of the most abundant fossil beds in the world. The Park which measures more than 240,000 acres is home to several rock formations that change with time creating spectacular scenery. Erosions have helped shape the Badlands into a place of lush natural beauty. It’s a great spot for history and adventure seeking enthusiast. There are hiking trails to explore, pathways that reveal the fossils of ancient mammals like horses, rhinos and saber-toothed cats. Other fun activities to pass the time at the park include; night gazing and spotting animal like the buffalo, bighorn sheep and the spy pronghorn antelope.

Navy Pier, Illinois

Navy Pier in the summer

Taking a vacation to the city of Chicago is never a bad idea. Any first-time visit to Chicago without stopping at Navy Pier is just not complete! It offers touristy attractions like the Ferris wheel, the Zoo, the Shakespear Theater, restaurants, boat rides and much more. If you’re with family or want to take in some great views of the city, be sure to at least check it out and walk around!

Lakes of Ozarks, Missouri

Sunset over the Ozarks

In the heart of Missouri is the lake of Ozarks, a recognized vacation destination for people looking to explore the Midwest. There is no shortage of activity at the lake such as; fishing, boating, golfing and other outdoorsy recreational activities. The lake of Ozarks is a unique vacation destination that can also fit most budgets. Likewise, you can opt to have a laid back vacation, write a book and drink some wine.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Waterfall in Hocking Hills, OH

Ohio may not bring up ideas of natural beauty for you, but Hocking Hills State Park, southeast of Columbus, is actually a great vacation or camping spot. Picture a waterfall nestled inside a forest of greenery, with caves and hollows. Get a taste of adventure on a hike through one of the many trails, go canoeing, take a zipline or even take a guided night tour!

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Buildings on Mackinac Island

Sometimes we get the feeling of wanting to turn back time and experience life in the past. We can either invent the time machine or take a vacation to a place that hasn’t been too touched by modern developers. We already saw what can go wrong with Marty McFly, so perhaps it’s better to stick with living in our current day and age. Michigan’s Mackinac Island is a unique place on Lake Huron that doesn’t have any cars. The only vehicle in the town is an ambulance, and the mode of transport is by horse, buggy or bicycles. Most of the island is now preserved as a historic site, so what

Of course, these are just a few ideas on what kind of vacations spots lie between the two coasts. The midwest has many more gems sprinkled without that just can’t be replicated anywhere else. So get you some of that famous midwestern hospitality!