Our Guide to a Magical Disney World Trip

Looking to take a trip to the most magical place on earth anytime soon? You’re in luck because we’ve got all of the tips and tricks that you need in order to have the perfect Disney World vacation. You don’t have to worry about those long lines and crowds ever again!

Head Out Bright and Early

Family at Disney World

Get to the parks early in order to avoid crowds. Lots of people, especially local passholders, like to sleep in and go a little later, so it’s best to go right when the parks open. We know, 8:00 a.m. might seem early, but trust us, it’s worth it. You might not have any time to meet Mickey Mouse if you sleep in!

Create a Ride Route

When it comes to Disney World, you’ll want to just get there and go to whichever ride you want. As fun as this sounds, it’s best to avoid this method. Instead, create a ride route so that you can get on as many rides as possible, or so that you can ride Expedition Everest over and over again. Keep in mind that certain rides are less busy in the morning, during parades or late at night, so you can easily plan that out!

Get the App

The parks are big, and you don’t want to walk all the way over to a ride, only to learn that it has an hour long line. This is why the Walt Disney World app is perfect. From the app, you can see wait times for both rides and character meet and greets. It also tells you what times different characters will be in different places, so you’ll never miss your favorite princess!


Disney on a cloudy day

To avoid the crowds, it’s best to plan your magical vacation for the off-season. The parks are busiest during holidays, school breaks and the summer, so if you have to opportunity, take a trip during a time such as late September or early May. Plus, the Orlando weather will be nice and mild!

One Park a Day

Hopping from park to park in one day is tiring, time-consuming, and ultimately, more expensive. You’re much likelier to get on all your desired rides if you stick to one park a day. It also saves money, as park hopper tickets cost quite a bit more than the park-a-day tickets. We know, you’ll want to visit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot all in one day, but trust us, it’s way easier this way!

Fastpasses and Single Rider

Disney World at night

The Disney World FastPass system has changed quite a bit within the last few years, as you can now reserve them ahead of time. Fastpasses are most definitely something we recommend taking advantage of if you have the opportunity, though. They help the lines go by quicker, so you’ll get a lot more done in one day. If they aren’t an option, and you aren’t traveling with young children, single rider lines are the way to go. Sometimes, the single rider lines are even shorter than the FastPass lines!

Disney World Can be overwhelming sometimes, so we hope that we helped you plan your next trip with these tips and tricks. You’ll be a pro before you know it.