What to Pack for a Winter Vacation

Let’s be real here, packing for a trip is never fun. We all save it for the last minute and then end up frantically stuffing our suitcase full of things we don’t actually have room for. Of course, packing is even worse when you have absolutely no clue what to bring with you. Winter getaways can be tough. All of your puffy coats can take up a lot of space, and you want to bring enough warm clothes for that chilly weather. No need to worry though, because we’ve gathered together all of the things you NEED to bring for your next Winter vacation.

Pro tip: Wear all of your heaviest clothes on your travel days. Whether you’re driving or flying, if you wear your heavy coat and bulky scarf on those days, then you’ll have more room in your suitcase.


packing winter clothes

Let’s start with the things that you will most definitely NEED for your winter vacation. The basics. Of course, you’ll need a heavy coat. We recommend two, one for more casual settings, and one for any occasion where you need to be little dressed up. If you’re going somewhere with snow, definitely bring snow pants in addition to these. You may say you’re okay with sledding in jeans now, but trust us, you won’t be.

The other thing that you will for sure want with you is a bulky scarf. It seems unnecessary at first, but you’ll want one to warm up. You’ll also want to pack gloves and a hat; it’s important that you’re able to feel your fingers and ears. You might as well add thick socks to the list right now as well. Keep in mind, if you’re going somewhere with snow, it’s best to have snow boots or some form of waterproof boots because once that snow seeps through your sneakers, there’s no going back.


winter weather socks

First things first, stock up and feet and hand warmers! They make a huge difference and you’ll be so happy to have them. Also, keep in mind that when it’s chilly out, you’re skin is going to get pretty dry, so keep some chapstick and lotion with you at all times. If you’re planning to walk around town and the weather is not lookin’ too hot, then bring thick leggings. You can wear them under your jeans!

Another thing to remember is whether or not you’re planning to do any winter sports. Traveling with skis or a snowboard can be a little bit of a pain, so if you don’t want to mess with it, you can rent gear at the mountain! If you’re not wanting to spend that extra money though, bring your ski bags along! Also be sure to bring any base layers you have so that you aren’t freezing up on the mountain.

We hope we helped out a bit! Have fun on your trip and stay warm! We think a warm cup of hot cocoa may be in order too.