Where to Experience the Most Romantic Vacations in Europe

Whether you’re celebrating a significant event with your other half such as an anniversary, your honeymoon or you’re looking for somewhere to go for some quality T.I.M.E, we’ve put together some must do romantic spots in Europe for two.

Traveling as a couple can bring all sorts of adventures and surprises that allows you to connect as a couple differently while finding out things you never knew about your partner. Who would’ve thought your wife loved to jump off cliffs or that your boyfriend’s guilty pleasure was spending the day at the spa!

Whether you’re into serene getaways or adrenaline adventures, these European hotspots below will definitely have something to suit every taste.


Dubbed the romance capital of the world, Italy has so much to offer couples looking for a vacation seeping with love and ambiance. Take a trip to the city of Rome – one of the oldest cities in the world – where history and art is everywhere! The food is exquisite and some of your best memories may just be sitting in front of elegant cafes eating pizza or sipping wine while watching Italians go out their business. Visit other hotspot attractions such as The Vatican, The Coliseum and make a wish at the famous Trevi Fountain. Or, if you want to up your romance game, visit dreamy Venice where you can hire a gondola and sail down the canals where you admire Renaissance architecture. Sipping wine in Tuscany is also high on the romance list as you wander through olive groves and medieval towns. Italy is the perfect combination of amazing art, great history, gorgeous countryside and incredible food and wine.


As cliché as it is to put Paris on the list of top romance vacations, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most beautiful cities on earth. The reputation it has built for the hundreds of wedding proposals, honeymoons and valentine’s day weekends has left the place with a soft, warm atmosphere with quaint cafes popping up onto the sidewalks, romantic walks, beautiful architecture and fabulous boutique shopping to keep the romance alive. A visit to the French capital wouldn’t be complete without that visit to the famous Eiffel Tower and a smooch at the top!


Known for its spectacular sunsets and stunning white buildings, crescent-shaped Santorini remains one of the most romantic places on earth. This oasis is packed with newlyweds getting married or enjoying their honeymoons as they wander through the heavenly towns surrounded by white walls and blue doors. You can even enjoy Santorini’s famous sunsets with a blue lagoon cocktail to match — and the romance doesn’t stop there!  Once the sun has set, the city lights up and takes its visitors through a fantasy journey as they marvel at these glowing sights.


From city lovers to beach bums, Spain has something for every kind of couple. Barcelona offers a variety of adventures enthralled with excitement and spontaneity. You often see visitors strolling through the markets looking for local fresh produce or joining in with flamenco dances scattered around the city. For those couples who love to dance, you’re in luck! Spaniards love to dance and visitors can find many nightclubs and bars around the city ready to replenish you with sangria and salsa! Or maybe you’re a couple seeking paradise and a destination made for sunshine bathing – Mallorca is the spot for you! This island is perfect for those wanting an escape with secret beaches and coves to kayak and snorkeling for those braver couples. Mallorca offers sun, sand and treasured memories


If you’re one of those “I want to find a hidden gem away from tourists” kind of couple, then Croatia may be what’s you’re looking for. Croatia is often missed out on lists of romantic destinations but is becoming more popular thanks to its stunning backdrops and impressive beaches. Dubrovnik has become a TV sensation lately with many TV shows and movies showcasing their beautiful streets and historical buildings. This charming “World Heritage Site” town is enjoyed throughout the year by many couples looking for that destination with a difference. Want even fewer crowds? Visiting the Dalmatian Hinterland will give that authentic local experience and quiet time to share with your special someone. Swim in the fresh waters of Imotski’s Blue Lake in the daytime before watching the lake walls change color as the sun sets as you wine and dine in the many little cafes to choose from.

Visiting Europe is the perfect trip for two, learn a lot about this beautiful land and learn more about your partner. C’est l’amour!