Warm Cocktails from Around the World

We’re heading into the coldest time of the year and as much as we love icy beers and cool cocktails, staying warm becomes a bigger priority for most of us. Luckily, you don’t have to put your beer in the microwave anymore, you can actually order warm cocktails that taste good, smell nice and won’t leave you shivering on your barstool. So get your DD ready, and check out these fantastic hot alcoholic drinks:

Il Bombardino

Bombardino cocktail

If you’re a fan of eggnog, you’ll probably dig this Italian hot cocktail, especially if you tend to prefer your drinks heavier on the booze. Egg haters, move on, this one isn’t for the faint of heart! This yellow concoction is usually made with half Advocaat (an egg-based liqueur similar to eggnog) and half brandy then topped with a dollop of whipped cream. The origin of this cocktail is said to be from when a group of shivering Italian skiers fled to a mountain lodge during a snowstorm and the owner slapped this drink together to warm them up. This hot drink will make you toasty in more than one way, so go easy on these bad boys, even on the chilliest of nights.

Glögi (Mulled Wine)

Two mugs of mulled wine

You don’t have to drink out of a horn to get a taste of ye olden days of Scandinavia. Glögi is a traditional beverage where spices are added to a warm, spiked juice or wine, creating a sweet and comforting blend of Christmas-like flavors perfect for snow days. While there are plenty of variations, most recipes infuse cinnamon, clove and ginger into the mix, making this a dangerously delicious drink.

Irish Coffee

Two Irish coffees

As one of the most synonymous countries with drinking, Ireland sure knows how to keep warm and stay awake, all while still gettin’ a buzz on. Irish coffees have been recognized since the 19th century, based on similar beverages from Germany, Denmark and France. While there are several variations of this iconic drink, the three basic ingredients include coffee, cream and of course, whiskey. You can also find cream-less versions, espresso-based coffee and more commonly, some sugar and whipped cream. Slàinte! (That’s Gaelic for cheers)

Hot Toddy

Two hot toddies

Another absolute classic warm cocktail is the hot toddy. Originating from Scotland, this drink is often associated treating colds and cases of the flu. When it comes to making your own, you can pick your poison in terms of liquor, but whiskey and brandy are the two most common variations. Then just brew up some tea, add a few squeezes of lemon, some honey and spice it up however you like (cloves and/or cinnamon are classic.) Warm your buns or kick a cold right in the butt with a hot toddy.

Hot Sake

A ceramic cup with hot sake flowing

Not quite a cocktail, but we’d be remiss not to add a special mention to the Japanese rice wine, sake, as a great winter drink. Often served in a warmed dispenser at Japanese restaurants, this mellow drink is produced more like a beer instead of a wine. Sake is used in special ceremonies in Japan, but you can enjoy a small ceramic cup (called a choko) with your dinner or in a special cocktail. Just be sure to ask if the sake you buy or order is meant to be served hot or at room temperature, as there are many varieties out there. Or, you can just go the ‘Merican route of throwing a cup of sake into a glass of beer — as you can guess, this one definitely didn’t originate in Japan.

What are your favorite winter cocktails? Send us a note and we’ll check it out!