Most Underrated Cities Around the World

We’ve all heard about cities like Paris and London, but what if you’re wanting to try something different on your next vacation? You may love Paris, but you also may want something a little new. So of course, we’ve collected some of our favorite underrated destinations around the world, so that you can visit them ASAP.

If you like Paris, try Lyon

Lyon, France

Lyon is the third largest city in France, but chances are, you haven’t heard of it. This city is best known for its fascinating art, history and most of all, its fantastic cuisine. scattered with beautiful fountains and churches, that you just can’t miss. And did we mention the food?

If you like Positano, Try Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, IT

Although it’s not as unknown as it used to be, Cinque Terre in Italy will definitely give you a break from all the crowds in Positano. Both are similar in the way they look, with colorful buildings lining the hillside, in front of perfectly blue water. Although there are lots of Italian cities similar to Positano, this one was definitely our favorite, because of its laid-back lifestyle and colorful scenery.

If you like Agra, Try Jodhpur

Blue buildings in Jodhpur, India

There’s a lot more in India than just Agra and the Taj Mahal, our favorite underrated destination is Jodhpur. This gorgeous city is located in the Thar Desert and is divided into two parts, the new city, and the old city. It is most famous for its landmarks, such as the Mehrangarh Fort and the Umaid Bhawan Palace. Jodhpur is also well-known for its blue city, with stretches of buildings painted in beautiful shades of blue.

If you like Santorini, try Paros

Paros, Greece

Yeah we know, this one isn’t a city, but hear us out. Santorini is one of those places on everyone’s bucket list, but let us assure you that there are so many underrated Greek islands to visit as well, Paros being one of them. Like Santorini, the island is filled with whitewashed streets and surrounded by stunning blue water. The island has its fair share of monasteries and churches to visit, as well as natural wonders, like the beautiful beaches.

If you like Buenos Aires, try Córdoba

Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina is best known for its fascinating nature and landscapes, and of course, the lively city of Buenos Aires. What people seem to constantly be forgetting though, is Córdoba. Córdoba is a favorite among locals but often looked over by tourists. It’s rich in history, as it blends colonial history with modern and urban architecture. Not only can you explore the city, but you can also take a day trip and visit some the many natural wonders Argentina has to offer.

Of course, that’s only five places! Imagine all of the amazing underrated cities you can travel to, all around the world. Hopefully this gave you some more travel destinations to add to the list, and hopefully, you can pass the word on so other people can visit these fascinating places!