Top 10 Must Do Water Parks on Earth

Fret not if you aren’t a beach baby or live on an island but still crave for some time in the water (less salty and all those other joys). Here are some of the world’s 10 most wondrous water parks that make you go splash happy!

10. Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)

Beach Park is a Brazilian water park and tourist resort not worth missing. It sits on the beach of Porto das Dunas, so when it’s named Beach Park, it actually means it. Here, you’ll find a ride that rides as not just one of the world’s tallest slides at 135 feet, but also one of the fastest, going at 65 mph. So while you’re getting your need for speed fix on, kiddos can enjoy the themed play area or even the aqua show that’s packed with water cannons, jets and of course, numerous slide. Wow! What a park, huh?!

9. Siam Park (Adeje, Spain)

The verdant grounds of Siam Park in the Canary Islands filled with plenty of character with its exquisitely decorated attractions featuring a predominantly exotic Thai theme (the Europeans seem to be loving it). The park has many awards, including the planet’s largest artificial wave (11 feet), the globe’s biggest dragon statue and the largest assortment of Thai-style structures (presently 25) outside of Thailand. The mountainous terrain only makes the hill embedded rides more exciting. This is a definite must when in Spain! 

8. Tropical Islands Resort (Krausnick, Germany)

Tropical Islands Resort is just that. It’s a tropical theme park located in the former Brand-Briensen Airfield. And yes, that’s in Germany. Whoever thought the tropics and Germany would ever mix?! But, they sure do.

Today, Tropical Islands Resort boasts of one of the globe’s biggest indoor pools, measuring 200 meters in length. The place also boasts of a huge rainforest featuring 50,000 plants, a resort and a nightclub. Go for an exciting balloon ride indoors. Swim in the Tropical Sea or enjoy a pampering session at one of the seven saunas and steam baths. Your choices are endless!

7. Yas Waterworld (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Yas Waterworld is an Emirati-themed waterpark situated on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It features over a staggering 40 rides and park attractions, making Yas Waterworld a delightful family destination. Try the planet’s first hydro-magnetic slide – Dawwama or the adrenaline soaring Bandit Bomber (a 550-meter attraction) coaster. Don’t forget to try the globe’s biggest surf simulator or spin atop the Liwa Loop, touted to be the Middle East’s sole loop water slide. Sheer joy, we say!

6. Aquaventure Waterpark (Atlantis, Bahamas)

With tons of pools and zooming slides along with a relaxing tropical river that cascades into a verdant oasis, there’s plenty to keep you splashing here. Intrepid visitors can hop on the Leap of Faith, a thrilling vertical wonder that throws you down a transparent tunnel via a shark-infested lagoon. Non-guests of Paradise Island can avail of day passes, but book in advance as they are sold out quick. With over 140 acres of pure fun, we simply can’t go wrong. 

5. Waterbom (Bali, Indonesia)

So Bali is more than just a tranquil spiritual haven and yoga under the sun. Tripadvisor has voted one Waterbom as one of the planet’s best water parks. A well-deserved honor with its extreme slides and a serene tube ride around verdant gardens. Go racing with your partner at the double tube or guzzle a drink at the swanky swim-up bar. It’s a lively water park with restaurants, a food court, swim-up bars and rides for every age, so you’re set for all-day fun.

4. Wet ‘n’ Wild (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Located near the iconic Waikiki Beach, Wet ‘n’ Wild does full justice to its name. The 25-acres park promises hours of adrenaline soaring fun with Shaka (the exciting 30 mph half-pipe ride). Other action-packed water adventures include Tornado (offering visitors spectacular Oahu vistas from 50-feet in the air), Raging River (a lengthy swirling water slide) and the stunning wave pool. Some evenings they play a complimentary family flick by the pool. This is a global brand that takes pride in being one of the only water parks in the state of Hawaii. 

3. Aquaventure Waterpark (Dubai, UAE)

Dubai’s thrilling water zone holds records for the planet’s widest slide, the Middle East’s lengthiest zip line adventure and the Middle East’s longest river based ride. As if that wasn’t jaw-drop worthy enough, there’s a private beach (700 meters) along with a fun shark lagoon (hand-feed your ray friends here). There’s a cool splash zone for kids. Lots of dining, shopping and spa treatments to complete the experience. What are you waiting for?! 

2. Volcano Bay (Orlando, Florida)

Located a stone’s throw away from other Universal theme parks, Volcano Bay features four stunning immersive zones, 18 exciting attractions and unlimited fun. The park’s  TapuTapu™ wearable gives you the power to reserve your place on a ride without standing in painfully long queues. This translates into more time on action-packed whitewater torrents or relaxing waterfront cabanas. A day out here spells warm island breeze and splendid green views.

1. Watercube Waterpark (Beijing, China)

From the Olympics to underseas adventures, Watercube Waterpark is where it’s at. With every ride here designed overseas, the Watercube Waterpark is a mish-mash of the best thrills per minute (if there’s any term like this) visitors can expect. The main draw here is the Tornado (a funnel-shaped ride) and Bulletbowl (visitors bowl down a covered slide into a large bowl). Then there are the big jellyfish and bubble clouds released from the top. Lots of fun with unique twists and surreal rides.