Best Trips to Take After Graduation

The semester has come to an end, so toss off that cap, grad! Well, congratulations, you just graduated! And of course, what else would you want to do but hit the road and travel to a new and surprising destination. You’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of some great post-graduation trips on a budget for you to take.

Scenic landscape of New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is the absolute perfect destination for recent grads. With lush forests and stunning mountains, you’ll always be surrounded by the country’s natural beauty. Budget travel is also very easy in the country, as hostels are extremely common and much cheaper than your average hotel and if you’re looking to rent a car and take a drive through the scenic country, rentals be as cheap as $15 USD a day!

Hit the road for a U.S. road trip

U.S. Road Trip

Grab a few friends, pack up a car and hit the road. It may be the easiest trip on this list, with no plane tickets necessary. You can plan out each destination and how many days you’ll be there, or spontaneously switch up your plan in the middle of your trip. Either way, with so many beautiful places to see, why not see them all on one trip?

The rivers of Thailand


Looking for beautiful beaches, fascinating wildlife and amazing food? Then you NEED to take your post-graduation trip in Thailand. On this trip, the only thing you’ll have to splurge on is your plane ticket, because once you arrive in the breathtaking country, you’ll be able to find just about everything else at a great price, making it the perfect celebratory trip for you and your recently graduated friends.

Canoes on a lake in Banff

Banff, Canada

You know all of those gorgeous photos of glaciers and bright blue lakes you’re constantly seeing on your Instagram? There’s a good chance they were taken here. Banff National Park makes for some of the most beautiful views and is the perfect post-graduation trip. The area is used to tourists and easy to travel through. Not only that, but who doesn’t want to go camping in Canada?

Hike the streets of Ireland


When it comes to traveling to Europe, Ireland is one of the cheapest countries you can go to. Build your itinerary to help plan your perfect trip. There are plenty of hostels in Ireland that make a cheap alternative to staying in a hotel, and when you’re in urban areas, opt for public transportation, which will also help you save money.

Gaze out in Alaska


Alaska is perfect, especially if you’re planning to take your big trip in the summer. The state is scattered with national parks and there aren’t too many places in the world where you can experience daylight ALL DAY. Start your trip in Anchorage, tour the beautiful glaciers in the area and go on as many hikes as you can. You won’t want to miss this one!

Experience the culture of Cuba


Traveling to this gorgeous country is almost like taking a trip back in time. The country is relatively inexpensive to travel to when it comes to both airfare and your actual stay. Havana is a beautiful city filled with bright colors and old cars. Food and many of the activities are also set at good prices, making the trip a lot cheaper than most people expect it to be, and therefore a perfect post-graduation celebration.

We know you’re just dying to get out there and travel somewhere new, especially after your graduation! Hopefully, this list gave you a few ideas and inspired you to celebrate somewhere new!