The Mediterranean on Any Budget

There’s a reason why so many ads, social media posts and stunning photography is set in the Mediterranean; it’s simply stunning! It does not take much to show off this paradise of Europe, and the photos do not do the location justice. The best part is anyone can experience the heavenly Mediterranean no matter the budget. By using the guide below, you can find yourself sitting on the beach taking in the beauty that the photos attempt to share.

Why the Mediterranean?

There are countless reasons to see the Mediterranean. First, the Mediterranean is the vacation capital of Europe which makes it a great place to join in on the fun. There are adventurous hikes and activities as well as no shortage of beaches and resorts. Absorb the many different cultures and delicious foods as you travel from historic towns to ocean views. The best part is you do not need to spend a fortune while visiting.

When and Where to Visit

Save by Skipping Summer

Visitors flock to the Mediterranean in the summer for the warm weather and the beaches. During this peak season, prices are higher and most beaches are full. Better options to visit are spring and autumn as the temperatures are still welcoming, the beaches are lovely and you’ll escape the busy summer season. Be sure to check on specific closures or adjusted hours for the winter season as some attractions are only open full time in the summer.

Visit Nearby or View from Afar

You can experience the fullness of the Mediterranean without even visiting the most popular tourist towns. If you want to make the most of your trip, it’s important to see many areas and explore the culture and history. Spending less time in huge cities will allow for more unique experiences and a fraction of the cost. Don’t worry, you’ll still most likely see the monuments of larger cities when traveling via train or water.

Affordable and Impressive Places to Visit in the Mediterranean

Padova, Italy

Want to see Venice but do not want to spend the money to stay there? Padova is your answer. This small town only a half an hour train ride from Venice is bursting with beauty and bargains. The Piazza delle Erbe market has everything you could want and Italian food you could only dream of.

Cologne, Germany

In Cologne beer costs less than water and the streets are lined with dessert options. After treating yourself to delicious authentic German foods, walk along the brightly colored buildings and peaceful Rhein river.

Cádiz, Spain

Located on the coast of southwest Spain, Cádiz is home to amazing seafood, relaxing beaches and a hopping nightlife. As the oldest settlement in Europe, it has a captivating history to explore.

Braga, Portugal

As the oldest city in Portugal, Braga has an interesting history full of war, suffering, and prosperity with Roman rule. While visitors experience their own suffering in the summer heat, there’s plenty to do in Braga all year long. Explore the mixed cultures in the city’s stunning architecture and learn about Braga’s history by visiting the town for yourself.

Tips to Visit Affordably

Mediterranean Museums

There are several museums throughout the Mediterranean which offer a chance to learn about the culture and history of the areas you visit. Some of the museums are even free on certain days and hours. Check online for the hours of operation, as well as discounted tickets by booking online.

Use Publish Transportation

Most of Europe has excellent public transportation. Local buses and metros are a great way to get around without renting a car or paying for a taxi. The trains around the Mediterranean are also affordable and can travel longer distances.

Be Selective About Souvenirs

Souvenirs from touristy places can add up to be a huge expense in your trip. Instead, buy items from the markets of smaller villages. The prices are much more affordable and the market itself will be a memory attached to the item.

Live Like a Local

To experience the fullness of the Mediterranean and save money along the way, visit the local and unconventional attractions. Many of the local restaurants offer more authentic foods at much more reasonable prices than an elaborate location.

Do not be afraid to stay with a local as well. Many sites list local hosts who open up their home for your stay. These homes are one of a kind designs and often include a kitchen to cook your own meals. The hosts are usually open to giving you local advice and tips about the area.


There are so many places in the Mediterranean to visit, it is impossible to see it all in one trip.  One way to get the most of your money is through a cruise. Cruise ships do the traveling for you, usually while you sleep, which saves some of your valuable site seeing time. Popular cruise ports are located in France, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Spain.

The Benefit of Bundles

Tours and Inclusive Resorts usually offer deals that bundle many different activities, locations, and lodging options into one package. By using the bundles in your favor, you can do more with fewer pennies and planning.