Travel the World to Find Your Must-Have Coffee of the Day

Coffee lovers, it’s time to rejoice! No, seriously, did you know that as a coffee lover, some of the best coffee can only be enjoyed if you take the time to travel partway around the world to get it? No lies here! While we have some fantastic coffee here in the states, it simply can’t compare to what others are drinking around the world!

That means that you might have spent all these years drinking a cup of joe that is only a standard cup of whatever. Oh, the horror!

Since we’ve now killed your coffee loving joy, let’s get you to the best places in the world for your must-have coffee of the day! Trust us, there’s way more than your chain coffee store and it’s about time you get out there and explore.

cafe in vienna

Old-Time Deliciousness in Vienna, Austria

Coffee has been a mainstay in Vienna since the 17th century, which means that their coffee cafés are some of the oldest in the entire world!  Oh, we can only dream of the rich roasted flavor on our tongues at the moment … This city is full of traditional coffee cafés and they all serve dozens of coffee variations, so make sure you know what you are talking about when you enter. We recommend visiting Café Prückel or Café Central for your first taste.

Cafe in Reykjavik

Newfound Popularity in Reykjavik, Iceland

There are three specialty roasters not too far from this fascinating city, which is perfect since coffee is finally getting to be a much-needed beverage for the locals. This wasn’t always the case, which is something we at Must Do Travels just can’t comprehend!

The oldest coffee café opened back in 1958 and many of the others have only been around for a decade or two. We recommend visiting the oldest, Mokka, although Reykjavik Roasters is another fantastic option.

Cafe in Sao Paulo

An Abundance of Choices in São Paulo, Brazil

Coffee has been produced in massive quantities in the country of Brazil since the 1840s and São Paulo is one of the six areas that have thousands of square miles filled with coffee plantations. Approximately one-third of all the world’s coffee comes from this country, so you can only imagine how good one of the cups down there tastes after the beans have been roasted and brewed. NOM! We recommend relaxing with a cup at The Little Coffee Shop or expanding your brewing knowledge at the Coffee Lab.

Coffee sign in Pike Market Place in Seattle

Coffee, Coffee, Everywhere in Seattle, Washington

We have heard rumors that some coffee lovers have packed up their belongings and moved across the entire country just so they could live in a city where they could find coffee in abundance. While none of us at Must Do Travel recommend doing this, we can definitely understand if a person chooses to!

There are a plethora of coffee cafés in this city, so you will probably find one on almost every corner. That means that you can try a new place every day for quite some time and then determine which is your absolute favorite. Caffé D’arte is a favorite of ours, but there’s something about the intense taste when joining coffee and chocolate, and we have found that at Intrigue Chocolate and Coffeehouse.

Now that you know where some of the best coffee can be found, you can start making travel arrangements immediately. Oh, and if you need to head to your local Starbucks for a cup of coffee before you leave, don’t worry! It will do until you can finally taste a cup of magic at one of the places above!