It’s Grub Time! Check Out the Best Ballpark Hot Dogs

It’s fun to be seated in the stands and cheer on your favorite team. But what makes a game an unbeatable way to enjoy an afternoon is the hot dogs. Here’s our (hard-hitting) list of what we believe are the best stadium hot dogs in the U.S.

Chicago Cubs Ballpark

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Dog

Found in Wrigley Field Stadium, this hot dog is one of the best in the country because of the Garden on a Bun, featuring tomato, sports peppers, pickles, onion, neon relish and celery salt with a garnishing of yellow mustard. Cubs followers definitely like their vegetables, but these standard Chicago dogs can get…messy. Fortunately, Craft Hot Dogs is now selling an “easy to eat” variety prepared with a chopped Chicago relish that contains all the essential ingredients.

Atlanta Braves Ballpark

Atlanta Braves T.E.D. (The Everything Dog)

The unique, tasty ingredients is what makes Braves Dog so special. Down South, people don’t withhold condiments, and a stadium dog is no exemption. Braves fans like this foot-long beef hot dog from The Braves Chophouse is garnished with ingredients such as queso, nacho chips, jalapeños and decorated with popcorn (yep) and a sprinkle of barbecue sauce. This hot dog is available at the SunTrust Park Stadium.

Cincinnati Reds Ballpark

Cincinnati Reds Cheese Coney

The Cincinnati Reds Cheese Coney is a big attraction at the Great American Ball Park. We believe this hot dog has earned its place among the top stadium dogs because of the Skyline Chili. The inhabitants of Cincy are as zealous about their Reds as they are their chili. Cloaked in the popular, saucy Skyline Chili with a hint of chocolate and cinnamon, the hot dog is then perfected with sliced onions and lots of tangy, shredded cheddar cheese.

Fenway Ballpark

Boston Red Sox Fenway Frank

We’ve determined the Red Sox Fenway Frank is a hit because of their use of domestic frank. Homegrown purveyor Kayem in Chelsea, Massachusetts, started producing customized beef hot dogs in 1909. The ingredients are steamed, grilled or mixed and then stuck within a typical New England-style bread roll (crustless on the edges with a divided top). This hot dog is common in Fenway Park Stadium. Fenway was also the first MLB ballpark to feature a Hot Nosh Glatt Kosher hot dog machine in the country.

Houston, TX - Minute Maid Park

Houston Astros Cincinnati Cheese Coney Dog

Found at Minute Maid Park Stadium, this cheese Coney dog is special because it contains extra meat and spice. Extra is preferred in Texas, and the Cincinnati Cheese Coney Dog is evidence of that fact. The oversized hot dog is improved with fiery chili and cheddar cheese. It’s finished with chopped onion. In addition to the Cincinnati Cheese Coney Dog, other dogs from different states around the country are available in the stadium, such as the Georgia Dog (containing coleslaw, sliced onions and grill sauce) and the Ken Hoffman New York Dog (with grilled sauerkraut and spicy mustard). Oh and in case you were wondering, every Wednesday home game, Nolan Ryan beef hot dogs are only a buck! Yes, only $1.

Phoenix, AZ - Chase Field

Arizona Diamondbacks Chicken Enchilada Dog

This stadium dog’s southwestern flavors are what make it so special. Big Dawg’s huge 18-inch chicken enchilada sausage on a telera roll is topped with queso blanco, black olives, sour cream, enchilada paste, colorful strips and other tasty ingredients, making this Arizona dog an enjoyable crunch. This hot dog is available at Chase Field.

Mouth watering? Hotdog holding fingers twitchy? What are you waiting for, start booking your trip today!