Get Ready to Set Sail to the Mediterranean

So you’re thinking about biting the bullet and booking a Mediterranean cruise? You’ve toyed with the idea, you’ve heard the great stories of your friends’ and relatives’ experiences and it’s starting to sound better and better with each passing day … but when should you book? When should you go? And what on earth would you do on a giant boat all day and limited time on land? Well, we at Must Do Travels are here to help!

When to Book

One of the best things about a cruise is what you can get for your money, and while a lot of this depends on what cruise you decide to take, the biggest factor is when you purchase your tickets.  We have found that there are industry-wide sale times. January-March is often known as “Wave Season” and you’ll find some good deals during these months. October is also known as “Plan a Cruise Month,” so many cruise lines like to run promotions then, as well. 

Cruise ship off the coast in the Mediterranean

When to Set Sail

While it might sound like the best idea to head out to sea during the warm summer months, you’d be surprised to know that the most ideal time to set sail is in the Spring, when the flowers are blooming, or in the Fall, when the days are milder before the rainy seasons start. Both of these seasons prove to be far more comfortable when it comes to weather, and the crowds will be much smaller, so you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling.

What to do on the Cruise

Each cruise line offers different amenities, but no matter which ship you board, you are almost guaranteed to have great opportunities to eat, drink, see shows, play games, go swimming, and participate in tons of activities. The best thing about a cruise is that the experience is almost completely customizable! 

Offshore excursion - Man swimming with a stingray.

What to do off the Cruise

At each port, you’ll get several hours to explore the city. Go shopping, enjoy the local cuisine, pick up souvenirs, and soak in the sights! Just make sure you’re back to the port on time or else you might be stranded in a Mediterranean paradise forever! Wouldn’t that be terrible?

With entertainment, food, lodging, and sightseeing all built in, what’s not to enjoy? Think you’re ready to start planning your Mediterranean cruise? Let’s get going! With so many places to choose from, what’s stopping you?