Best Dog-Friendly Cities in the US

Imagine how much you love your furry pet and how you would love to take them on vacations with you. To categorize dog-friendliness of cities, two factors are considered, which include dog accessibility, and the quality of life of your buddies in the place you are visiting.  At Must Do Travels, we believe the cities below are the best for your furrever friends.

Dog in Dolores Park in San Francisco.

San Francisco, CA

Even though San Francisco may seem like a lot, your pet will truly appreciate going to the city. San Francisco is a city located close to a natural harbor and it ranks high among the cities with the highest number of dog parks in America. What differentiates San Francisco from other cities is the many dining varieties you and your dog will appreciate. There are one hundred and seventy-four restaurants that are suitable for dogs in the city.

Dog hiking right outside of Denver, CO.

Denver, CO

Whether you visit Denver for skiing or a quick weekend getaway, you can take your dog with you. This city has a weather that is conducive to taking your dog for a walk. Also, there are lovely parks for both low- and high-energy dogs. Not to mention, there’s hiking all around the city.

People with their dogs at a dog beach in San Diego.

San Diego, CA

In California, San Diego has the highest number of dog-friendly restaurants. There are one hundred and eighty-seven restaurants that allow dogs in San Diego. Can we just have a moment of silence, followed by excitement by the amount of dog-friendly establishments this city has?! Many dog parks are also present in the city and the roads are walkable.

Man with two dogs in the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, NM

This attractive city is suitable for dogs that love outdoor activities. Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico and it’s part of the cities with the highest number of dog parks in the United States. Yes, that’s an actual fact. Apart from these facts, we understand that you and your furry friend will enjoy visiting this city because of the nice dog-friendly bars and restaurants in the city.

Women sitting on bench with dog in Chicago, IL.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is popular as the city with numerous shopping plazas and cafeterias that allows dogs to shop with their owners. The city is also suitable for walking with dogs. Your dog will really love walking in Chicago with you.

Couple hiking with their two dogs in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson, AZ

This city is known for its great housing prices. Apart from being so cost-friendly, the city is blessed with a hiking trail that is dog-friendly. In addition, your furr babies will have different excursion options from the numerous dog-friendly parks and eateries in Tucson.

Man with dog looking at Manhattan skyline.

New York, NY

You might be thinking that New York is too busy, but you will be amazed by the walkability of the city for your dog. We believe New York is a great place to explore with your dog. Concrete jungle, here we come.

So what on earth are you and you furr babies waiting for? We think it’s time for a family getaway to one of these amazing, dog-friendly cities.