King Tut’s Treasures At California Science Center Through January 2019

Chances are that you once learned about a boy king from Egypt by the name of King Tut. This short-lived ruler of Ancient Egypt may have been insignificant (to some) by comparison to many of the other greater pharaohs who ruled the land, but the discovery of his tomb is perhaps the most significant archaeological discovery of all time. In an ironic twist, it may have been the relative obscurity of King Tut that protected his tomb from being discovered in the first place, like so many of the other tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs that had been robbed so long ago.

King Tut Jar

If the cache of golden treasures ever excited you then, they sure will now, because you can finally get up close with many of them thanks to the exhibition at the California Science Center. Los Angeles kicks off the final world tour for King Tut’s treasures and is the first of 10 major cities across the world that will host these marvels over the coming years. This is all a part of the 100 Year celebration to mark the discovery of King Tut’s tomb by Howard Carter. History buffs may be wondering though, how can they be celebrating a 100 year anniversary of something that happened in 1922, and we guess they were just a tiny bit premature on their marketing. We think 100 Years sounds more elegant in marketing speak than 96 years does, and bet most guests wouldn’t even know the difference.

Statue of Thoth from King Tuts Tomb

On display are many of the artifacts that were once crowded inside King Tut’s burial chamber, which was practically packed floor to ceiling with priceless relics as if it were the Ancient Egyptian equivalent to an episode of the once-popular TV Series “Storage Wars.” Even though King Tut ruled Egypt for only a few short years, his chamber was still packed with far more treasure that could have been imagined. Howard Carter was certainly in for the find of a lifetime when he cracked the seal open on the doors.

Scarab Necklace

Even though you may not be able to see the Burial Mask or the Sarcophagus on display here, the exhibit will take you on about a 2-hour tour of an item after item. On display are pieces of intricate jewelry, gilded furniture, games, weapons, and statuettes. There is almost no shortage of something to wonder about. To stand there and have the realization that you are face to face with something so old, yet so meaningful could almost be considered a life-changing experience for some people.

King Tut Burial Wrappings

We were left imagining what type of treasures could have been found in the tombs of Ramses or some of the other more essential rulers of Ancient Egypt. If this was how they buried King Tut, those tombs must have been loaded with gold when they were sealed. This also makes you wonder what other undiscovered tombs may still be out there, still waiting for discovery.

King Tut Child Throne

In the years since the discovery of King Tut, there have been a lot of controversies about the history behind the king himself, Howard Carter, and many other aspects related to the apparent hasty burial that must have taken place. Despite any of those claims or issues, there is nothing that could spoil the awe and spectacle of witnessing perhaps one of the greatest surviving treasures of human history for yourself.

Board Game from King Tut Tomb