10 of the Coolest, You-Need-to-See-for-Yourself Hikes in the US

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel too far to witness something spectacular to create fond memories. So, get your hiking boots, fill your water bottle, put on your sunscreen and start exploring. In no particular order, we’ve compiled 10 of the coolest hikes in the US.

Angels Landing, Utah

If you’re afraid of heights, you might not want to test this trail, but if you want an adrenalin rush and pure excitement, then this is the trail for you! It’s a 2.5-mile trail, short and pretty easy, other than the last sheer section which may leave you breathless as you soak in the fantastic views of Zion Canyon.

Arches National Park – Moab, Utah

This location calls for beautiful hikes with photographic opportunities. The colors of the desert are strikingly beautiful, and the rock formations are like none other.  There are short or long trails, so be sure to choose the one right for you, your experience and time limit.  Make sure to snap a photo for the gram from Delicate Arch and then maybe head down Devil’s Garden Trail. Arches National Park, that’s 7 miles, eight arches and countless memories.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

A hike into the Grand Canyon is seriously unforgettable. What can we say?! It is the Grand Canyon after all.  The colors of the canyon are everchanging, red to golden to brown to green, and of course, the views are nothing but extraordinary. Be sure to take tons of water! Remember, once you’re at the bottom, you have to come back up again. Also, keep an eye out for squirrels, they’d love to steal your snacks. (Yes, obviously, we’ve experienced this once before.)

Glacier National Park, Montana

There are more than 700 miles of stunning trails, and this is one of our favorite areas for incredible hiking.  Choose the path that suits your ability and is in awe of majestic forests, wildlife and wildflowers, icy-blue glaciers and astonishing rock formations. Be prepared, be adventurous and take it in slowly.

John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park

Wow, wow … just wow!  Sheer peaks, astonishing views, gurgling rivers and gushing waterfalls. Yosemite is magnificent. John Muir trail is usually for a more experienced hiker, but there are many options.  You could spend a day or spend as much time as you’d like to hike throughout this 211-mile long trail.  Come well equipped and do your homework. Yes, there may be some bears.

Many Glacier Area, Montana

Active glaciers, icy-blue lakes, sheer mountains, heart racing and total outstanding beauty.  There’s many remarkable things to do and places to discover while here. Hike to Fishercap Lake, check out the Apakuni Falls or hike among many of the areas famous trails.

Mt. Healy Overlook Trek, Alaska

Are you ready for a hike through valleys, over ridges and Alpine tundra?  Think beautiful wildflowers, silky moss and astonishing views.  This hike may not be the most technical but be prepared, especially if you want to do the additional trek to the top of Mt. Healy. Alaska at its best!

Paint Mines, Colorado

A short 3.6-mile trail that takes you through an incredible landscape, Caprock canyons and clay formations that are truly unlike any others.  Blue skies, white rock and evidence of human life from more than 9000 years ago. Why wouldn’t you want to walk this area?!

Pisgah National Forest – Brevard, North Carolina

Explore the hundreds of miles through the Pisgah National Forest, better known as the Land of the Waterfalls. You’ll venture on some stunning trails, witness outstanding views and experience the silent and majestic landscape. You’ll want to keep coming back here!

Smoky Mountains – Tennessee and North Carolina

Get geared up and get to the Smokies.  These mountains are much more than where Tyler from the Vampire Diaries escaped learning better how to control his werewolf self; they’re full of beautiful mountain ranges with natural fog that look like smoke, hence the name the Smoky Mountains. Fantastic hiking, incredible views, fantastic challenges.

At Must Do Travels, we believe traveling more than just getting somewhere. It’s an adventure, filled with memories that remain with you forever. And what better way to create those than hiking these majestic trails and parks in the US?!