Morocco: Making The Perfect Trip

You’ve probably seen pictures of the vibrant and colorful streets of Morocco blowing up your Instagram feed before. The country sits on the northwestern tip of Africa, with the northern tip being just a boat ride away from Spain. The tourism arrivals of this beautiful country have increased by 24 percent already in just the beginning of 2018, and that’s just the start of why this should be your next travel destination. Morocco’s lively markets and beautiful cities are sure to have you booking your next trip in no time.

Colorful Moroccan Market.
Souvenirs galore!

Morocco is full of gorgeous cities that offer a variety of opportunities perfect for each individual traveler. Some of the most populous and well-known cities are Marrakech, Casablanca (ring a bell?) and Rabat, the capital of Morocco. All three of these cities make great destinations and have lots to do and see for visitors.

Cathedral in Morcco
Just wait until you go inside too.


If taking a trip to Marrakech, the most visited city in Morocco, be sure to visit Jardin Majorelle, a botanical garden featuring unique and colorful architecture. The garden showcases flowers and plants while also showcasing art, and you don’t want to miss it. Casablanca happens to have the Hassan II Mosque, the second biggest mosque in the world. Unlike most mosques, this one is open to tourists and offers tours, so you should be sure to add it to your list. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and if venturing there, a Must Do for us would be Hassen Towere. Le Tour Hassan, or Hassen Tower, can be seen from anywhere in the city due to its height, and the tower is all that remains of the fallen Mosque.

 Chefchaouen. It's is a hillside town, also known as the blue city.
We could wander these streets for hours.

While all of these cities make a great trip, if you’re looking for something a little bit more out of the box, we’ve got that too! Our first recommendation and personal favorite are Chefchaouen. It’s is a hillside town, also known as the blue city, because of the town’s beautiful, blue, painted houses. If looking for a little more to do here than walk around the painted streets, there are a variety of hiking opportunities and the shopping is fantastic, just don’t forget your camera.

 Fez, the oldest tannery in the world.

Our next pick is Fez, one of the oldest imperial cities in all of Morocco. Fez is a beautiful city that is rich in history. One thing that the city is famous for is its tannery, which also happens to be the oldest tannery in the world. The process they use to prepare leather here is done in small ditches is completely manual and if you can bear the smell, it makes a great photo.


Moving on from cities, another great aspect of Morocco is the food. Trying the foods from an area is always a necessity when traveling, even if they seem intimidating. Sometimes it’s good to go out of your comfort zone a little bit, so let’s go over the best foods to try in Morocco.

Food from Morocco

The number one dish that you MUST try while in Morocco is Tagine. Tagine could be a wide variety of foods, it refers more to how they are cooked. The food is slow cooked in a clay pot with a lid on top that resembles a cone. You can try it just about anywhere and it usually contains things such as chicken, lamb, vegetables or beef.

If you’re more so in the mood for dessert, Shebakia is a great option for you. These flower shaped cookies are covered in honey and are just about everywhere, so you can’t miss them. Another dessert you can try is Kaab El Ghazal, also known as Gazelle Horns. These are covered in an almond paste and are shaped like crescent moons.

Kaab El Ghazal are covered in an almond paste and are shaped like crescent moons.
Count us in, please.

And of course, we also have some options for the really adventurous eaters out here. You may be a little bit unfamiliar with these foods, but they can be found all over Morocco and are a great way to better experience and learn about the culture.

The first food isn’t too “out there” and can be made in a variety of ways. It’s called Pastilla and is traditionally a delicious, flaky pie filled with pigeon meat, but now it can also be found with Chicken instead. If you want to try something really new and different, you can try the steamed sheep head. During Eid al-Adha, a festival in Morocco, people will steam the sheep heads for hours, and you can often purchase the entire head, half of it or certain parts of it.

Spices for every flavor.
Everything is so colorful!

Some Tips

And last but not least, we’ve got some facts and tips for you to know before you take a trip to Morocco.

  • The languages most commonly spoken there are Arabic, Berber, English and French.
  • Be sure to stick to bottled water only, and it is best to avoid ice cubes.
  • Most Mosques are off-limits to non-Muslims, but in the rare event that you find one you can enter or tour, take advantage of it.
  • Be sure to have the right converters for all your electronics. Trust us, you’ll want to take lots of photos!
  • Of course, you always want to respect the locals and the culture whenever you travel, so it’s best to dress modestly by covering your shoulders, stomach and by wearing long pants.
  • Bring Imodium. There’s a lot of amazing food and you’re stomach isn’t bulletproof.

Have a great trip!

At Must Do Travels, we believe traveling shouldn’t be a hassle, but an adventure to remember awaits and we can help get the adventure you need started. Have fun as you explore!