Santorini Sunsets Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List

One of the most sought-after destinations on our Bucket List has been to experience the sunset in Santorini, Greece. Just a couple of weeks ago we spent a few days exploring the enchanting island and photographing the people and scenery. What we left with were some memorable and magical moments, as well as a good understanding of just exactly what it is that draws people here by the thousands per day.

While many of the tourists that visit Santorini arrive here by charter or cruise ship and only spend a few precious hours wandering the streets before getting back on their ships, the preferred way to experience it is to actually stay here. Most days there are ships that come to town and bring tourists in one form or another, but during the Summer months, the number of visitors tends to skyrocket. When cruise ships are in port, the sidewalks, restaurants, and shops are packed almost shoulder to shoulder with people trying to get a glimpse of this place. These are the moments that we suggest relaxing at your resort or taking a trip outside of the city center to get some more peace and quiet.

Oia Santorini | Must Do Travels
What a view?!

It is that exact tourism that keeps this island above water, financially speaking, as Santorini relies on tourism as its #1 source of revenue. After that, the island survives on its thriving winemaking and other agricultural means, which can be quite impressive given the relatively small amount of land available here. Since land is at a premium, especially land with a view of the fleeting sunsets, certain parts of the island are overlapped with houses and hotels stacked one on top of the other on the hillsides. The cities of Oia and Fira are the largest and most popular examples of this.

A few thousand years ago, this island chain was actually one larger island, but the island itself is sitting at the top of a volcanic region, and one day about 3,600 years ago a volcanic eruption took place here that shook the world and became a source of legend. The center of the island caved into the caldera of this newly formed volcano, which has since become the circular bay at the center of the ring of Islands. This volcanic eruption practically ended the reign of the Minoan civilization that lived here at the time. It is estimated that this event was either the strongest volcanic event in recorded human history or pretty close to it if not.

Fira Santorini -Jeff- Must Do Travels
You ready to go yet?

There are many other Greek Isles to visit too while in the area, but this place tops the list. After you have spent at least a few days in Santorini you should head over to Ios, and also take an excursion to Navagio Beach (more popularly known as shipwreck beach, one of the most photogenic beaches in the world). We have a few Guided Tours available through our site where you can book an adventure like this with complete ease, or you can go your own way and just book your flights and stays through any of our top-rated Must Do Travel Agents. Be sure to sign up for your free access to our Travel Club to get weekly emails to keep you inspired and special offers to make it all that much more affordable.