It’s Almost Time for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ – Pack Your Bags!

ALMOST PARADISE  – We’re knocking on heaven’s door

 It’s almost here! Yep, the time a year where we shift our schedules around once again to revamp our Monday and Tuesday nights. It’s finally time for pizza, ice cream, gossip and the hit show Bachelor in Paradise (BIP). The cast of season 5 has been revealed, as well as some, you guessed it … DRAMA!

WOAH! Slow your roll on the Googling all the deets, we’re here to tell you all about the drama and romance going down this year.

For some insight, the show is filmed at the Playa Escondida Resort which is just about a few miles away from the central area of Sayulita, Mexico. It’s a relaxed beach town along Mexico’s Pacific coast. And is only a three-hour nonstop flight from Los Angeles. What better place for the rejected Bachelor and Bachelorette candidates to mingle with each other?! Hey, you too can find your own romance — or drama — by the sea.

Discover Playa Escondida
Playa Escondida is an exotic hideaway, where life truly is a beach.

The resort is a secluded property on the beach, surrounded by lush, jungle-like hills. What better place to relax?! But, the castmates may not be relaxing too much considering the predicted catfights, bro flexing competitions, drama-filled confessionals and of course Jorge, Wells and now our new favorite, Yuki as their bartenders. But all in all, it should be one exciting season.

We all know Jordan and David will have a fantastic, intellectual conversation. It should go something along the lines of:

Jordan: “I’m a model. Attached to me is my face! Attached to me is professionality.”
David: [Smiles] “I’m happy that things were settled today.”
Jordan: “You dressed like a chicken, bro. I’m a model. I have a portfolio. What do you have?”
Jordan: “Did I mention I was a model?”

If you didn’t get that? Sorry, not sorry for the spoilers. You should probably catch up on your Bachelorette game. Other than that feud, there should be some interesting moments on this season considering rumors have already spread. Colton from Becca’s season supposedly enters the show only immediately to canoodle with Tia (Go figure!), Kevin from The Bachelor Canada and The Bachelor Winter Games will presumably watch his ex-girlfriend, Ashley I. get proposed to by former BIP contestant, Jared and then, of course, Bibiana will likely have a few ‘mic drops.’

We’re getting closer, closer every day

Best part, is that you can actually get the same experience as the cast – paradise, right? The Bachelor and Bachelorette have their home base at the same mansion, but Bachelor in Paradise follows through on its name, with its permanent, beachfront location.


So, if you happen to be a fan or maybe you’re not willing to admit it to those around you, no worries. Visiting this resort would be a perfect experience, fan or not. Who knows, maybe you’ll find love, receive a rose or witness an all-out brawl. It’s just one step closer to #BachelorNation. And don’t worry, if you start drowning in the struggles, stress and drama, Chris Harrison will be right there to rescue you.