4 Unforgettable Experiences in the Exumas

The Islands of the Bahamas are synonymous with vacation. The islands’ exotic landscapes, spotless white beaches, and renowned resorts attract thousands of visitors each year. From spectacular sailing, to lounging and deep sea diving–your options are endless. With over 700 islands and about 2,400 coral reefs, there is plenty to explore. In particular, one area of the Bahamas is especially unique: the Exumas. The Exumas are divided into three major regions – The Exuma Cays, Great Exuma, and Little Exuma. Whichever place you decide to explore, and even if you decide to explore them all, there’s something for everyone!


Think you can catch an Omanyte there?

Stromatolites are ancient macro-fossils, over three billion years old. They form uncommon reef structures which are rare and difficult to find. The Exumas are one of the only places in the world where people can find and visit living Stromatolites. You can check out this ancient spectacle along the Exuma Sound, an ideal attraction for ecologists and tourists alike!

Swimming with Sharks

swimming with sharks
How can she be so relaxed?!

Swimming with sharks in the Bahamas is not quite what you would expect. With a plethora of shark species, one in particular is a local favorite: the nurse shark. The nurse sharks located around the Exumas are friendly, harmless, and a favorite among tourists. It’s not uncommon to be surrounded by sharks who are actually just curious about the silly humans swimming in their waters.

Piggy Beach

swimming pigs of piggy beach
They’re judging you because you ate their cousin for breakfast.

If you thought that the animals in the water were cool, then you’re about to freak! No one really knows how they got there, but the uninhabited Island of Big Major Cay is home to a bunch of friendly pigs. The island is now affectionately called, “Pig Beach”. The pigs have been embraced by locals and tourists alike, finding the pink pals adorably sweet. Passing boats are always happy to find the pigs paddling through the bay. You can book a trip to Big Major Cay for a swim day with pigs. This once-in-a-lifetime activity has become exceptionally popular, sure to place top priority on your bucket list.

Sand Dunes

sand dunes woman
Prepare to get sand in all the wrong places!

The Bahamas are a great place for surfing in more than one environment – on the water and on the sand. Yeah, you heard that right. The Exumas have numerous sand dunes making it a unique destination for sandboarding (sand surfing) and sand sledding. Play in the sand dunes for a fun and adventurous day in the Bahamas.

The Exumas are an excellent destination for holiday fun. Whether you are squealing to swim with the piggies or you want to explore the sand dunes, there’s something for everyone. Let Must Do Travels get you over to the Exumas for an unforgettable experience. This isn’t just a vacation.