Calling all Thrill-Seekers: Glass Bridges around the World

Thrill seekers around the world should be pleased to know that regardless of location, a glass-bridge is awaiting your arrival. Yeah, you heard that right. Glass. Bridge. If you think it’s unwise to dangle yourself thousands of feet above a dangerous and surely lethal fall, think again. It’s actually totally safe! See, these bridges are specially-designed to hold your weight (even after a weekend of binging and In-N-Out).


Glass Bridge
You definitely won’t catch us on Fear Factor.

Okay, so there’s no arguing that China is the place to be for glass bridges, and we’ll start you off easy. Brave Man’s Bridge is 590 feet high and proudly claims the title of “the Country’s First Glass Bridge”, (though it’s soon to be overshadowed by its much taller, big brothers). This bridge is a tourist attraction for many, with architects even claiming that it can withstand visitors jumping on it. If you thought it was bad enough when your friends jump in the elevator, we can’t even imagine what this is like! No, thanks!

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
We’re gonna need a pretty hefty bribe to traverse this.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge was previously the longest glass bridge in the world, but unfortunately, a different bridge in China took that title. It’s still massive though, and get this: they’re putting swings in. If you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can literally swing 980 feet above the earth. They say that up to 800 people can walk the bridge at a time which means that 800 crazy people can peer down into the chasm below.

Glass Bridge Feet
We triple-dog-dare you to cross with your eyes open!

If that bridge wasn’t enough to satisfy your desire for the thrill, partake on China’s other massive bridge (this one is the actual biggest): Hongyagu. Now, this bridge is not for the faint of heart. While you may only be 715 feet above solid ground, don’t take that as a victory. You’re going to be in constant motion on this bridge because it sways. That’s right, engineers constructed this bridge so it would not only rock the visitors attending, but so that the glass panels would also look like they were shattering. How’s that for a fix, adrenaline junkie?


Red Glass Bridge
A hidden beauty!

We would argue that Taiwan definitely has one of the prettiest glass bridges out of the bunch, but don’t let its gorgeous appearance trick you: it’s still scary. This was the first of its kind in the world, so show her some respect! She stands 2,356 feet above the ground, so make sure you don’t accidentally trip. It would be a very unforgiving fall.


Canada Glass Bridge
Cold and scary, just like my mother-in-law.

Oh, Canada … We love you for your tasty maple syrup, your aggressive apologizing, and-your glass bridge?! What? When did you get that put in? Either way, Canada is definitely a contender on this list. Glacier Skywalk boasts a 918-foot plunge into the abyss below but also features a unique storytelling format while you experience the bridge. Trust us, with this bird’s eye view of the Canadian Rockies, you will not be disappointed!


London Glass Bridge
When they said that “your potential can reach new heights”, we didn’t know that this was what they meant!

You might lose your lunch while traversing this thrilling sky bridge in London. While some may argue that it isn’t as intense or scary as some of the other bridges featured on this list, let us just assure you that this is still glass-freaking-bridge folks. That means you’re suspended 138 feet above the ground and expected to trust a piece of clear material to protect you from a nasty accident. If that isn’t bad enough, you’re dangled above traffic and a river, so you do not want to fall.


Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
Tempting fate has never been so beautiful!

Good ‘ole Murica. Land of the free, and home of a pretty stellar glass bridge. You’ve always wanted to see one of the “Seven Wonders of the World” and why not do so from 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon? That’s right, a hidden gem in the Arizona desert is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. A testament to man’s greatest achievements, allow yourself to be supported by reinforced-glass that’s designed to bear the weight of seventy 747 passenger jets while being thrust out from the side of a canyon wall. Now, that’s what we call a vacation!

Honorable Mentions


These guys didn’t qualify for the big leagues cause they just aren’t actual bridges. Insert sad face here.

“Step into the Void” at the Aiguille du Midi Skywalk in France.
Now is not the time to admit you have a fear of heights.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to float in midair (and you’re also a bit nuts), then “Step into the Void” at the Aiguille du Midi Skywalk in France. That’s right, someone has constructed a glass cube that just floats above the earth. Here come the nightmares of being trapped in a glass elevator.


Glass Bridge Feet
Missed opportunity to take one of those pictures where people make a star with their shoes.

Yeah, so we’re convinced that China is definitely the glass bridge, thrill-seeking capital of the world. That’s right, China’s on our list again except this time you’re dangling above the earth in a cable car. Traveling 13 mph over 18,700 ft. of line, this will be one for the books. You’re definitely gonna wanna be camera ready for this one.

Now, you’re super psyched up, we get it. But the real question is: will you come through? MDT can get you to these places, but it’s up to you to build up the courage to traverse them. Let us tell you though, braving any of these places will definitely earn some hefty bragging rights.