The Happiest Country in the World: Costa Rica

Move over, Mickey Mouse. The happiest place on earth might be Disneyland, but the happiest country in the world is Costa Rica. According to the official Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica took the top slot on the most recent list of “Happy Countries”. And this isn’t the first time that Costa Rica has dominated this ranking; it has held this position some years before.

Blue Zone? What’s that?

family on beach bora bora
What they lack in number, they make up for in beauty!

Costa Rica is a “Blue Zone”. A “Blue Zone” is a location where the residents are happier, healthier and live longer than any other place in the world. It’s no wonder they’re happy, they live in one of the most beautiful, green places on Earth! Sandy beaches, lush rain forests and exotic wildlife make Costa Rica a paradise.

Farming is the Secret

Harvesting pineapples
He’s harvesting your pineapples!

The agricultural industry is a huge part of the country’s economy.  Everyone knows that one of the keys to staying happy, healthy, and strong is be active! An active body releases hormones that keep you satisfied.  Working out in the sunshine also provides you with a natural source of vitamin D which is important for your mental and physical health. See mom; Sunny D is good for you!

Good Eatin’

Costa Rica Food
I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can ever go to Taco Bell again!

The people of the Nicoya Peninsula eat three meals daily. Their meals are generally home-cooked and consist primarily of farm-fresh foods. The country’s traditional diet includes beans, beef, cabbage, chicken, corn tortillas, fish and rice. The locals love to cook for family and friends. While you’re visiting, make sure to try some of this traditional cuisine! I guarantee it will be way better than that little taco shack you visit on the weekends!

 Family Forever

Family on beach sunset
Man, how did they take this sihlouette picture so well?

There’s no Family Feud on T.V. in Costa Rica, and it’s no wonder! Family and community are important in Costa Rica. As visitors can see on the Nicoya Peninsula, multiple generations of families often reside close to each other and sometimes even in the same house. They are closely involved in each other’s lives, even neighbors are like family! Yeah, we bet you’re rethinking about yelling at Ms. Smith’s dog for “visiting” your yard.

Sleep with Both Eyes Closed

There’s no Froot Loops to be found here, this isn’t Tucan Sam!

Costa Rica prides itself on taking care of its citizens. The literacy rate is reported to be 97.8 percent, and most people can speak English. Not only are they knowledgeable, but Costa Rica ranks the fifth last for crime. Rest assured that you will feel safe while traveling through Costa Rica.

 Army of None

costa rica waterfall hiker
This isn’t a Microsoft screensaver, that’s right; you can actually go here!

The president of Costa Rica at the time, Jose Figueres, ended the country’s military program 65 years ago. The national military headquarters is now a national museum. Following the abolishment of their military forces, he redirected the funds into healthcare, education and environmental protection, allowing Costa Rica to concentrate their efforts ongoing carbon neutral. They now produce 99 percent of their electricity from renewable resources! So, don’t feel guilty about using the hairdryer or taking a cab while you’re there!

snorkling costa rica
Snorkling is life.

So now you’ve seen that Costa Rica has got it made. They’re happier, healthier, and live longer than any other country in the world. You wanna know their secret, huh? Well, let us help. Give us a call and we’ll get you on the first flight over to Costa Rica. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.