Don’t Believe the Hype: Mexico Vacations are Safe (and Ultra-Affordable)

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Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico

Attention: This is a really cool article about awesome fun and traveling in Mexico. But first a word from our super-smart and reasonable staff.

The Low Down

Yes, this article IS about travel, but give us just a second to wash the glass inside the fish tank. We want you to get a perfect perspective on the beautiful reef and fish. You see, there are hundreds of news and information sources out there lacking journalistic integrity. Instead, they are all pushing out content with loose or even non-existent facts simply to further their agendas, whatever those might be that day.

Our point is, there is a lot of peripheral damage that comes with overblown or simply flat out fictitious claims that misrepresent a person, place or thing, simply because it is convenient for the writer or source to point the finger. False claims can be further magnified on a global scale where the audience of a particular news source is less familiar with another international place or environment. In such matters, we have little choice but to believe what someone, however limited their credibility, is telling us. Why? Because we simply do not know any better.

A Better Perspective on Mexico Vacationing

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Remember the riots a few years back in Baltimore? While tragic, they were fairly isolated from a national perspective – taking place over just a few small city blocks. And don’t overlook the fact that while some people were rioting, many Floridians were still enjoying the beaches, Seattleites drinking their coffee, and Pittsburghers eating sandwiches with fries on them – many of them typing their opinions on social media … not one of them involved in a riot. In other words, people at resorts were still resorting. For the most part, virtually all across the country, life was just great.

However, in other countries, agenda-driven information sources likely did all they could to paint the Baltimore incident in the darkest of light. It probably wasn’t localized to a few streets in Baltimore, rather, the United States was rioting. It probably appeared that way to a good bit of the World.

And so it goes with travel to Mexico. (Here’s where it all starts to come together)

Why You Should Absolutely Go

Mexico City at Night
Mexico City at Night

Why would anyone, cartel or private citizen, compromise the cities and towns so critical to providing a solid tax base and invaluable economy to one’s own country? Simply put, they wouldn’t, so they don’t.

The truth is, Riviera Maya, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and dozens of other top resort towns in Mexico are just as lovely, safe, and enjoyable as they were twenty and thirty years ago. There is top notch shopping, entertainment, nightlife and exciting activities. The only real thing to worry about is that you were tricked and missed out.

So why are we telling you? Well, we are in the travel business and ultimately, all we have is our reputation. And quite frankly, that’s important to us. We want to remain a useful, unfettered source from amazing travel experience – so, we feel compelled to tell you like it is (when we have something worthwhile to share).

In this case we have expert information (including an big office in Mexico City), first-hand knowledge of the situation all around Mexico. What’s more, we want you to go enjoy yourselves and have as much fun as possible at the lowest possible cost (the reputation thing again.) That is how we succeed – working to ensure that others recognize that we are the most trusted source of travel advice and information on the planet.

Look, right now there are gorgeous Mexican resorts and vacation destinations that are suffering needlessly. What’s more, their prices have plummeted to the point of what we’ll call INSANE value. We have no other choice but to tell you to go take advantage of it. At the moment, a Mexico resort vacation will cost you next to nothing compared to some equivalent experiences elsewhere … and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Sure, if enough people listen and find that we are on the up and up (which we are) the prices will start to normalize. So, look at it this way. Go to a gorgeous, tropical Mexico resort. Have the time of your life. Save thousands on your room cost alone. And then, when you return home and tell others about your incredible experience, you can feel good that you are helping out our good neighbors to the South by setting the record straight.

So where do you go? Where should you stay? What deals are available?

All great questions.

But no need to telegraph any particular spot. Visit and check out all the El Cid and Mayan Properties that you’d be interested in. Then, book the one you’d like with the knowledge that you can get them for even less with us!

G’head, get lookin’ and get bookin’.