10 Quick Travel Tips

Just to make your journey a little easier, here are 10 Quick Travel Tips as voted by our cruise and travel consultants at Vacation Rewards. Some are essential, like travel insurance, passport and visas. Others are common sense like obeying the laws of the country you are in, drinking bottled water or keeping in touch with the rellys.

For me THE most important piece of advice is to pack your own bags. Not that you would have anything in them that is likely to cause a stir (hope not!), it’s just that you may be asked by a customs official “what’s in there”. This simple little question could mean entry to a country or the next flight home! For me a printed list of my bags contents works. This may be a little OTT for you, however be aware – it could be important.

Here is the Checklist of 10 Quick Travel Tips.

10 Quick Travel Tips

Our checklist is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the why’s and wherefore’s of travel and destinations. 

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