10 Best NFL Cities to Visit

One of the most often overlooked joys is traveling to see your favorite NFL team at an “away” game. Sure, it’s awesome to see them at home, but getting to take in another bustling town is a real treat. What’s more, it can be really enticing to that special someone, who’s less into the game than you might be. We say compromise by not compromising at all. Go have fun. And definitely enjoy our list of the 10 best NFL cities to visit (and we’ll also share some secrets to explore).

Here they are, in no particular order:

Buffalo, New York

Yep, Niagra Falls is in Buffalo too. Well, the U.S. side, anyway.

A city shouldn’t be judged on its local cuisine, but that is certainly not a bad place to start. And one does not have to be a Rhodes Scholar to guess what junk food delicacy Buffalo may stake claim to. Go ahead, wing it if you must. But, did you know the place the Bills call home has another amazing dish of equal flavor, one for which you may not be familiar? It’s the beef on weck. And, it is otherworldly. And when you’re not gorging yourself on local dishes, Buffalo has a great zoo. It also has the Darwin D. Martin House (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). Plus, it can even claim one of the country’s most amazing city parks, the Delaware Park-Front Park System. This park might be worth the trip, all by itself. We swear.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Whole Town is Lakeside (and what a GREAT lake it is)

What would the NFL be without the Packers? Well, fans will tell you this model franchise is a reflection of its community. Located just a few miles south of Green Bay, Oshkosh began as a lumber town, due to a rich supply of woodlands and navigable waterways. Today, the former “Sawdust Capital of the World” offers attractions from the Airshow and Grand Opera House to the legendary comfort food and museums. The real takeaway from a visit to Oshkosh, a friendly and warm culture beyond compare.

Denver, Colorado

Not all Denverites believe the moon is cheese, but lately, most of them wish it were

Gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a city that truly has it all. Close to world-class skiing and endless options for world class sporting, the Mile-High City sits on a pedestal among mid-west football towns. From Elitch Gardens Theme Park, the incredible Children’s Museum, and a booming economy giving rise to just about every amenity imaginable, visitors rave about the beauty of the city and its incomparable views of the stunning mountain backdrop.

Dallas, Texas

(Foreground) Apparently NOT the world’s largest microphone

Home of the Cowboys, “America’s Team,” Dallas is the Lone Star State’s crowning jewel. A bustling metropolis boasting influences of Native America, Cattle Ranching, Oil, Industry, Steal, and Texas charm – one visit reveals a journey to another world where they just so happen to speak with recognizable words marinated in and then served up with a unique twang. While you’re here, you’re going to want to hit some Steakhouses, separate art & design districts, world-class shopping, and well, you know about the sports tradition here.

Boston, Massachusetts

Face it. Boston is Gorgeous.

The cobblestone street-lined home of the New England Patriots. It is hard to find a place richer with history, halls of education, and iconic cultural sites than New England. Whether you’re strolling the docks where the Tea Party took place, taking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Quincy Market or cruising the Public Garden’s waterways in a Swan boat, Boston is a city rich with life. No matter your football allegiances, this city is must-visit to the ultimate degree.

Seattle, Washington

THAT Looks Fun!

The home of Starbucks, the Space Needle, the ultra-talented Seahawks (and the birds that bare their name) and well, pretty much everything beginning with “S” makes Seattle the undisputed city-vacation king of the Northwest. Lush forests, salmon fishing, scenic mountains, great coffee, a legendary music scene, and of course, the legendary Pike Place Fish Market where tossing the daily catch over customers’ heads – all come together for an urban experience like no other. Seattle’s fans are loud, tourist stay engaged, and if you want a sneak peak, we urge you to watch the movie “Singles” from a few years back. Yes, it too begins with an “S.”

San Francisco, California

If you haven’t visited, yet …

49ers town. A place known for rare beauty, moderate climate, trolleys, Fisherman’s Wharf, golden bridges, Ghirardelli Square, and even a nearby island that used to play host to a prison that has become one of the nation’s most visited places. With Silicon Valley and wine country both located nearby, it’s a wonder that the locals even have time for football. Then again, if you’re greatest all time players were Rice and Montana, you’re probably used to squeezing in opportunities to witness perfection.

Kansas City, Missouri

Even This is Close to Amazing Barbecue

Sitting along Missouri’s western border, straddling Kansas, we find Arrowhead Stadium. This is the home of football’s most loudest fans. During the offseason, these devout Chiefs supporters indulge in some of their own renowned barbeque, Jazz district, as well as some dazzling art and history museums, including the must-see Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. What’s more, tourists can move seamlessly from attraction to attraction, without renting wheels, with Kansas City’s newly added streetcar system.

New Orleans, Louisiana

You Know What to do Here

Melt-in-your mouth beignets (the donut’s elite cousin), Dixieland jazz, steaming crawfish, legendary blues clubs, jambalaya, generations of dock workers, horse-drawn carriages, beaches, the seemingly endless Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, and enchanting bazaars lining the French Quarter’s cobblestone streets, New Orleans drips of intrigue and romance. Home of the Saints among multitudes of other dazzling attractions, why not make this “World Unto Itself” your next destination?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Burgh
The City of Champions

It is quite possible that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the most underestimated city in the US. Pittsburgh is the benefactors of a self-driven, post-industrial age renaissance. The city and it’s blue-collar inhabitants resurrected as a beacon for education. A center for healthcare. And the new east coast hub for tech. So, have fun trying to decipher obscure words like, “dahntahn, gumband, reddup, yinz, and git aht.” You’re listening to a bizarro dialect known by the locals as “Pittsburghese.” Note, it was voted as North America’s WORST dialect in 2016. We know, FUN!

And the FOOD! You’ll quickly fall in love with culinary staples like sandwiches topped with slaw and fries, Plus, hands down, you’ll eat the country’s best pizza.  Nobody even knows it’s made here. Then, throw in Carnegie Hall, world-class museums and breathtaking architecture. Not enough. Then consider more trees and bridges than any other city in the United States. Pittsburgh stuns.  So, go ahead and visit.  But when you fall in love with this town, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Oh, and “mosy arahnd” in something black and gold.  After all, you’re in Steelers Country. Welcome to the U.S.’s most most die-hard NFL city. You’ll never see anything else like it. We promise.

How to Visit these NFL Cities

The weather has cooled and the games are starting to really count. This is the time. Seize the moment! Book that pilgrimmage to watch an NFL away game.

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