Cabo San Lucas Is A Must Do Mexico Destination

You know those questions that start, “If you could only take one kind of food to a deserted island …” or “If you could only go to …” Well, if the question was the ladder, and the rest of it was, “ … one spot to vacation once a year for the rest of your life,” you should take our advice and make Cabo San Lucas your go-to answer.

Sure, there are other beautiful beach, fun-atmosphere vacations to be enjoyed at a number of great destinations across the globe. However, (and pardon us for saying so) Cabo ranks so high in so many different categories, that while it may not be the best in every single category, it certainly deserves the title, BEST OVERALL. And it’s not even really very close.

It’s just the vibe here. It is so casual. It feels so safe. The resorts are magnificent. The weather is idyllic. There are endless opportunities to have fun, or relax, or play at whatever it is that you consider playing. Cabo San Lucas has it all.

Cabo San Lucas means, “Cape St. Luke” in English. However, we are guessing that Luke may well be the patron saint of vacations, because there is nothing quite like this place. Yes, Cabo is also the place where Sammy Hagar makes his Cabo Wabo tequila (not sure why that’s significant, but somehow, it just is.)

But, just like any good blog article, here are some cool Cabo attributes that will assure you that this place is one-of-a-world (if that’s a thing)”

Whale Shark

Whale Sharks. Sea Turtles, OH My

Baby sea turtles are up there with the baby harp seal as being among some of the cutest things on earth. And while there’s no way we’d cage dive with some 20’ Great Whites, there is something uber-cool about swimming beside a 60’ whale shark. The world largest, and stunningly gentle fish. Whether you are a turtle or whale shark lover (or both), Cabo is a place where you can get face to face with these natural ambassadors of wonderment.

Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing and Shopping

Some like to deep sea fish. Some like to shop at trendy boutiques. Some like to fish one day and shop the next. Unlike so many places that are good for just fishin’ or just shoppin’, Cabo San Lucas has world-class brand boutiques, belying a coast that boasts some of the globe’s most renowned game fishing.

Onboard Clubbing & Dining

There’s a boat tour for every taste. And no matter who you are, or what you feel your “speed” is … there are few that don’t enjoy at least one good night out when on vacation. Cabo San Lucas has an aquatic night out for every style of evening fun. There are dinner tours that serve a four-star meal while you cruise across the waves. And there are also, clubs on the waters. These are designed for those who are bent on getting their party on. A nightclub at sea? Why not!

Cabo Resort

Beach for every mood

Some days are for surfing, some are for sunning, some are for a mixture of both. The one things Cabo does not lack for are beach options. There are quiet beaches, busy beaches, remote beaches, “be seen” beaches. There are snorkeling and scuba beaches, wave runner beaches and fishing wharves with piers beaches. We could name them, but let’s just agree, once again, that all of them are accessible “just a few minutes from wherever you are.”

 Todos Santos

Also known as a Pueblo Magico, Todos Santos truly offers visitors a “magical experience,” resultant of the environs’ natural beauty, cultural richness and historical relevance. In fact, Todos Santos is one of the entire country’s most celebrated villages whose indigenous treasures are beyond compare. This is where you go to explore the traditional Baja.

Margarita Heaven

 Margarita Heaven

Tequila was not invented in Cabo. Come to think of it, neither was the margarita. But in the last quarter century, the fine inhabitants of Cabo San Lucas has taken this favorite concoction and transformed it into something just short of a “lifestyle.” Have one with your meal, dedicate a day to finding your favorite, or just sip them while you indulge in the perfect vacation spot that is Cabo San Lucas. But, if nothing else, do have a margarita in here. It kind of makes everything official.

 Wait. It would be simple to add a bunch of new categories to further prove that Cabo is the ultimate beach vacation destination. If we did, some of those might have been cuisine, golf, activities, etc. Let’s skip it. Just imagine those names with some copy further demonstrating that each iteration is on a par with “best ever.” Got it? Good.