Discover Bali Like Never Before

  1. Go Munduk-ing

This gloriously charming mountainous village consummates your Bali trip with its verdant forest, quaint plantations (vanilla and cocoa) and plethora of outdoor activities. Explore Bali’s secret waterfalls or go on a thrilling horseback excursion. The place features a nice bunch of hotels and trekking trails. Insider Tip: Don’t miss a boat trip in the backdrop of Munduk’s intriguing ancient structures.

  1. Temple Run

Known for its spectacular location and innately spiritual appeal, Uluwatu is one of the most visited attractions among Bali’s six main temples. Perched atop a plunging cliff about 70 meters above sea level, the temple is one of the most photographed structures at sunset. Visit for quaint Balinese architecture, traditional Kecak dance renditions and the breathtaking ancient sculptures.

  1. Art Attack

Exotic art and Bali go hand in hand, and what better testimony for this than the colorful and buzzing Ubud Art Market (known as Pasar Seni Ubud locally). The daily bazaar is a haven for silk scarves, hand-woven bags, statues and tribal jewelry. These charming Balinese artifacts and souvenirs are crafted by local villages, which makes the experience all the more memorable and evocative. Get here early for good bargains. Eat, pray, shop!

  1. Volcano Vistas

Mount Batur, also known as the Kintamani volcano, is another popular Balinese attraction in the central highlands region. Catch panoramic vistas of the Caldera Lake, encircled by the Batur mountainous range. Go village hopping, adventure hiking or hot-springing in the vicinity of the volcano. Penelokan is a much sought after a stopover for its vantage point views.

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