Another 10 Must Do Super-Weird Festivals from Around the World

So, yeah, we only did half of these festivals yesterday. But you have to admit it was almost too much fun. So, here they are in no particular order. Another ten must-do, super-weird festivals from around the world.

Mud Festival – South Korea (July)

Mud Festival Korea
Right on the money!

Boryeong is a beautiful South Korean town. It also plays host to the world’s muddiest festival. In fact, this is Charlie Brown’s pal, Pig Pen’s grandest Must Do dream vacation. The festival is an ongoing wild party, complete with live music, zip-lines and just about every made-for-mud pastime known to humanity. Sexy to some, downright dirty to everybody. Yeah, so we intended the pun. So what?

Cheung Chau Bun Festival – Hong Kong (May)

Um … those are what they call “Bun Mountains.”

Hong Kong is for buns! No, not THAT kind of buns. We are talking sweet buns … some towers stacked to heights approaching sixty feet, lining the bustling streets. And what are they going to do with those giant bun towers you ask? They are going to climb them of course! They are going to grab, pull, yank, squeeze and stomp those sweet bun towers and what are you going to do about it? Cheer! You are going to cheer them on. Why? Because you are at the Cheung Chau Bun Festival and that is how it is done.

Baby Jumping Fiesta – Spain (June)

A real live baby jumper, jumping babies
A real live baby jumper, jumping babies

Because it made the list, does not mean we condone it. But, we stare at car wrecks too. This festival is just what you think it might be. People jumping over babies lying on blankets. It is ridiculous. It is senseless. It is the Castillo de Murcia and it is something, well, you just might have to see for yourself.

Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race – Brawby, UK (June)

Gollum’s favorite way to serve Hobbitses

For those of you not from the UK, Yorkshire pudding comes from eggs, flour and milk and is ostensibly served in a boat, a serving boat to be more precise. But not on this day. These magnificent festivals are crafted with one objective … racing across the UK’s infamous Bob Pond in Brawby Village, of course! But how can one safely race a pudding boat you ask? First of all, we never actually said “safe,” at any point during our discussion here. But, if you want to know how it is even possible – contestants coat their pudding boats in yacht varnish. No. We don’t understand it either. That leaves us with only one option. See you in Brawby with a yellow Must Do, “DoneIt!” check mark highlighter!

Air Guitar World Championships – Finland (August)

Air Guitar Championships
Sorry. We should have warned you.

They say the contest was conceived to support world peace. In that regard, we’d say there’s some work left to be done. However, as a meeting place for nerdy air musicians around the world – this is faux rock mecca. No more details necessary. This is Air Guitar at its finest. How fine that is – that’s left up to the proverbial beholder.

La Pourcailhade (Festival of the Pig) – Trie-sur-Baïse, France (August)

Festival of the Pigs
People attend as well.

An interesting name on this one. And it really lives up to it. It is sausage. It is piglet racing. It is pig noise contests. It is bacon. It is plastic snout wearing. It is all those things. It is not, however, Kosher for Passover. That was to be expected we guess?

La Tomatina – Spain (August)

tomato fight
If life gives you tomatoes …

Not a free festival. Because, well, those tomatoes have to come from somewhere don’t they? But if you are looking for a megalithic tomato street fight – this is it. Not sure if there are sauces to try or bruschetta made with the splatter. Nevertheless, this is one sight to behold. So, go forth. Throw tomatoes. It is your destiny.

Lopburi Monkey Banquet – Thailand (November)

monkey banquet
Monkey banquet

Hard to say if there is an official number that fluctuates from year to year. But let’s say in the neighborhood of three thousand monkeys come to feast on fruits, vegetables, ice cream and other foods that the lovely villagers leave out for their consumption pleasure – Why not swing by and experience the simian madness. Who knows. If you’re willing to don a furry suit, maybe you can help yourself to some of the available treats?

World Bog Snorkeling Championships – Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales (August)

Now THAT is an event!

That’s cool you may think. You may even wonder, “why is that a festival and not an actual sporting-type event?” Then you get past the name and see how ridiculous this is. This is no championship. Its just fun-loving people with a bad idea that became a thing. How so? Well, here’s how it goes down.

Armed with snorkels and some “not-so-ideal for conditions” fins, people from across the globe come together to see how fast they can complete a 120-yard course through a peat bog. Yeah, a peat bog. On your marks, get set … You know what? You go ahead and go first.

Underwater Music Festival – Florida, USA (July)

Underwater jam session.

There are cool costumes. There are truly interesting instruments. There are weird, underwater movements. And while the world would go on seamlessly without this festival, it is somehow a better place for having it. So, if you are in Florida in July, why not have a look-see. It means big-time Insta likes at the very least.

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